Thursday, January 2, 2014

Daddy's Return: Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

Now that we've started the new year, I decided one of my resolutions would be to keep up on our blog (and to do a serious catch up from our Fall happenings.)  We are having so many amazing adventures down here in south Florida and I want to make sure that they are documented so we can look back on them for years to come.  We are loving our home and the gorgeous area it's located in. We have made some incredible friends and loving our church ward family and responsibilities.  And we also have loved the amazing weather that comes with "winter" in south Florida (I don't think it's dipped below 78 the entire time we've lived here!)

Picking up where we left off in mid October... 
I'm not sure who was more excited to have Daddy home after 6 long weeks of work in Sweden; Daxton or Mommy?  All I can say is that he was greatly missed and we are never letting him leave for that long again!  Dallas flew in from an exhausting day and a half of traveling back from Stockholm just in time for work training meetings the next day in Orlando.  This time we got to join him.  The three of us drove up to Disney's Coronado Springs Resort the morning of training meetings.  Daddy was a major trooper, being exhausted from jet lag, and set Daxton and I up in the hotel before heading to his meetings.  I was going to take Daxton to the pool for the afternoon, but by the time we arrived, ate lunch, and got settled in, Daxton was exhausted and wanted a nap.  By the time he woke, Dallas was done with his training meetings and we were ready, as a family, to explore the grounds. 
Disney has several resorts within the Disneyworld area, so it was fun to explore one of them.  The grounds were very large and built around a couple small lakes (like most everything in Florida!)  Which made for stunning views. 

We loved the comfy hammocks spaced periodically throughout the resort.  Dallas and Daxton loved swinging in each of them!
Obviously Daxton was VERY excited to be reunited with his daddy!

 In the lobby there was a large fountain that we had a hard time keeping Daxton out of.  We ended up taking his shoes off so he could kick and splash with his cute little toes. 
That afternoon, we met up with some of Dallas's coworkers for a fun evening at Epcot Center for the Food and Wine Festival (which will be blogged about next...)

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