Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas at Disney: Meeting Mickey, Donald, and Goofy

 As I mentioned in my previous post, we had a lot of fun kicking off the holiday season at Disney World's Magic Kingdom the second week of December.  One of the things we have loved over the past few Disney experiences these months in Florida, are the reactions from Daxton when meeting Disney Characters.  He loves them!  We have noticed that he is not too interested in the characters that resemble people (princesses, princes, etc.)  He is a big fan of the classics though and can't get enough of Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minne, Chip, Dale, etc.

One of the first things we did after entering Magic Kingdom was visit Mickey.  Daxton was so excited when he got his first glimpse and literally ran into Mickey's arms.  I love how sweet all the workers are at Disney.  I know it's their job, but I love the interaction, hugs, and how they take their time with each child that comes to visit.  This time it was pretty funny though, because the Mickey costume was more high-tech than previous Mickey's.  This Mickey talked and the mask's mouth moved up and down, which freaked Daxton out.  Daxton was in the middle of the welcome hug when Mickey began speaking to him.  Daxton immediately backed up with a confused look on his face and slowly walked back to our arms.  He was still really interested in Mickey, but no longer had the desire to was pretty funny!

Before Mickey talked...

After Mickey talked...

Magic Kingdom did not have a Toontown like Disneyland (which made me sad since I love Toontown,) but they did have an area called Storybook Circus which was pretty cool.  There were several different rides for younger children and several Disney characters you could meet as well.  There was also a really cool splash pad for kids to play in.  We decided that we wanted to meet a couple of Daxton's favorite characters: Donald and Goofy.

Each of the characters were dressed as members of the Storybook Circus.  First we met Goofy who was super sweet and gave Daxton lots of hugs.  He even joked around with him, pretending to wrestle.

The cheesy grin says it all...he LOVES Goofy!

Such a happy boy!

Daxton was just as excited to meet Donald as well.  He kept trying to touch his beak and play with the different detailing on his costume.  He also thought Donald's feet were pretty funny.

So happy to meet Donald!

Donald was super cute and kept tickling Daxton under his chin.  Daxton thought that was hilarious and just kept giggling.

I used to think people that waited in lines for Disney Characters were silly, I mean they are just people in costumes for heaven's sake.  But I have totally changed my tune!  There is something so fun and magical at watching your child's face light up when they see a dear friend, because that's what these characters are to Daxton.  His little buddies he pushes around in his wagon or rides on his trains.  I know this stage won't last very long and in no time he'll want to ride Space Mountain over and over again instead.  So I'm just going to enjoy every moment I can!

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