Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning was pretty relaxed for us.
Daxton is not at the age yet to realize what Christmas morning brings, so he slept in sweetly to 8am.  When we woke we brought him downstairs where he let out an awed "Wow" when he saw his train table.  It was so sweet to see him rush over to it and immediately start playing with all the fun trains, tracks, and people set up.  He was so involved in playing that he was VERY mad at us when I set up the camera timer for a Christmas morning family picture.  After giving it a couple tries, we figured it was a battle we weren't going to win, so we let him get back to play time.
I really wish I knew what Daxton was thinking.  He is very inquisitive and fixates on the funniest things.  On Christmas Eve Dallas and I had placed several candy canes on the lower part of the tree.  When Daxton saw them the following morning, he grabbed every single one from the tree and began hiding them throughout the room.  I still don't know why!  He thought under the chair cushions was the perfect spot...

Daxton also loved pulling everything out of his stocking.  Some of his fillers included a snowman key chain to hang from the tree, fruit snacks, bubble bath, and children's tylenol.  Yes, we stuffed his stocking full of medicine and he couldn't have been happier!  Should I be a little worried??

Beginning to open presents...
Daxton is at such a fun age to buy presents for, so we may have gone a little overboard.  It was so much fun to watch him open all the presents, even ours.  He focused very intently on each piece of paper and took his job very seriously!  He got such a kick out of it.

His favorite presents were the Cars 2 characters.  He immediately dropped to the ground and began making car sounds while zooming them across the floor.  He is all boy, for sure!

He got so many fun presents from his grandparents as well (which they already have done too much and shouldn't have!)  He is quite the loved and blessed little man.

Playing with some of the toys and showing the "Aftermath..."

Since he has been so obsessed with Monsters University these past few weeks, we thought it would be funny to get him a Sully romper to wear.  He was NOT a fan of the hat and was super bugged by the tail.  I mean seriously, who wouldn't have been!?  Not the best online purchase for sure.  He wore it for about as long as it took for me to snap a few pictures and then it was off and thrown in the corner.  I'm surprised he didn't hide it in the chair with the candy canes!
Overall it was a really nice, relaxing Christmas morning.  We missed our families a bit, but enjoyed watching Daxton get so excited about everything.  He's at such a fun age.  Plus it was nice to start our own traditions and have family time together.

The rest of the day turned out to be just as wonderful...

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