Thursday, January 2, 2014

Halloween and the Aftermath...

By the time Halloween rolled around, Daxton and I had already celebrated the holiday with grandma and grandpa on our Disney cruise and then again with Daddy at Sea World.  I also have to admit that Dallas and I are not crazy about Halloween to begin with.  Maybe when Daxton gets a little older and wants to go trick or treating we will get more into it.
I had bought Daxton's costume at Downtown Disney when my parents were in town visiting.  He has been obsessed with the movie Cars for several months now and couldn't help but get him the racers outfit when I saw it.  Unfortunately I didn't notice that they forgot to take the sensor off at the neck, so Daxton was pretty bothered by it within a few minutes.  He still looked pretty cute and VERY grown up.  We are wondering every day where our baby went!

Watching Cars while wearing his racing outfit...priceless!

The only thing we had planned for Halloween was attending the Ward's Trunk or Treat, but unfortunately that morning I woke with a horrible migraine.  Dallas was a sweetheart and played with Daxton for most of the day so I could take medicine and sleep it off.  Dallas decided to take Dax to the trunk or treat, but since it was so late in the day Daxton did not last long.  He looked great in his costume though.  That night both Daddy and Daxton helped me pass out candy to trick or treaters.  Daxton was a little nervous with all the different costumes showing up at the door, but he LOVED eating candy in between door bell rings.

The next morning, we were all on bit of a candy hang over...
We had just gotten Monster's University, so since he was wearing his Monster's pajamas, we thought it would be a perfect day to relax, watch a movie, and recuperate from our sugar comas...

Gotta love his crazy bed head!

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