Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thanksgiving in Raleigh, North Carolina

Both Dallas and I have been blessed with incredible families.
I loved being raised with so many of my aunts, uncles, and cousins in such close proximity.  I have such fond memories with all of them and it has only continued over the years.  My cousin, Greg, and I are only a couple weeks apart in age and were basically next door neighbors growing up as well.  I've loved all the crazy memories we've shared throughout the years and how our lives' paths intertwine.  Greg is the reason Dallas and I met in the first place since he and Dallas were roommates while living in Oakland, CA.  Dallas and I enjoyed several double dates with him and his fiancee (now wife) Heidi while we dated and continued to enjoy hanging out with them as we all lived in the bay area for several years.  Dallas and I were both thrilled when Greg and Heidi decided to move to the East Coast in the Fall.  True North Carolina is still a bit far from south Florida, but it is MUCH closer than San Francisco!  We couldn't wait to start making plans to visit them.

 Along with my own family, I have LOVED getting to know my new family I gained from marrying Dallas.  He was raised with just as an amazing support system of parents, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins; all of whom I've loved getting to know and call family.  It's been fun living on the East Coast and getting to know the "Whitt" (Dallas's mom's side) family members.  We have been so blessed living within a mile of Dallas's aunt Deidra and her family.  Dallas also has an Uncle and Aunt in Raleigh.  When Dallas mentioned to his Uncle Sam that we were thinking of coming up for a visit, he immediately invited us to celebrate the holidays with them and stay in their home.  We had a blast hanging out as a family and seeing the sights of Raleigh.  I can easily say that, if the opportunity presents itself, we would move there in a heart beat!

Not only did Uncle Sam and Aunt Tracy welcome us whole heartedly for Thanksgiving, but they also invited my cousin, Greg, and his little family.  It was so much fun to see them again and hear all about their fun adventures moving cross-country and getting to know a brand new area.  My favorite of the day, BY FAR, was getting to snuggle with their gorgeous little boy, Tommy.  His namesake was a dear friend of Greg and I's.  It was so sweet to snuggle with him for hours, especially since my little man is not willing to snuggle with momma any more!
  Snuggling with Tommy is the best!!

Daxton didn't get jealous at all since he was totally content snuggling with Daddy all afternoon.

Daxton and Tommy were very patient with Heidi and I as we took several pictures of them snuggling...

I have to admit that I have a total "Mom Crush" on Aunt Tracy.  She's so loving, easy to talk to, an incredible mother, and super fun.  Both she and Uncle Sam were so sweet with Daxton.  Thanksgiving dinner was extremely yummy.  So yummy that I somehow forgot to take a single picture of the meal!  How does that even happen!?  I did manage to snap a couple pictures of the tables set and ready.  I came back home wanting to buy matching plates, napkins, and napkin rings!  

We were able to spend a couple days up in Raleigh with the Whitt family.  We loved being able to see Grandma and Grandpa Whitt, Uncle Steve and Aunt Karen, and of course our hosts Sam, Tracy, and their youngest daughter Abby.  We loved playing games, hanging out, seeing Raleigh, and just being with family.  Most of all, I loved watching them all interact with little Daxton.  It brakes my heart thinking that Daxton won't be able to snuggle and play with his Grandma Liz (Dallas's mom) in this life.  I wish I could have met her, thanked her for her help in raising such an incredible son, and been able to see her ooh and aah over our kids.  I guess that's why I love watching Liz's siblings interact with Daxton so much.  Both Dallas and I have such gratitude and hope in the gospel and our knowledge of eternal families.  What an incredible blessing to know without a doubt that we will all be reunited again!

Grandpa and Grandma Whitt, Abby and Aunt Tracy, and Uncle Sam with Daxton.

To top off our time in Raleigh, Uncle Sam treated us to an AMAZING night at the symphony.  Abby was a sweetheart and babysat our little guy, so we could actually enjoy the evening as a couple.  It was a wonderful night, enjoying yummy food, being with family, listening to incredible music, and getting into the holiday spirit. 
(L to R) Myself, Dallas, Uncle Sam, Aunt Tracy, Grandma Eva, and Grandpa Ken.

Thanks so very much, Whitt family, for welcoming us into your home and making Thanksgiving wonderful.  We love you all and feel so blessed to be a part of this family!


  1. Come back to visit any time!!! And yes, MOVE to Raleigh if you get a chance! We love you guys!

  2. Anytime come visit us!!!! We love you guys and miss Daxton!!! You guys could visit drop off and go on a couples retreat,

  3. I loved reading this and enjoying the pictures. Yes we have a wonderful family. I love all you nieces and nephews. Every one is so dear and so good. My husband said Daxton should do commercials. He is so cute on the Christmas card. You are surely living an adventure...I guess that is life these days. Between you and Greg....we are continually entertained...Love facebook so we can stay connected. Love you Kirsten..And love your sweet dad so much. He has helped me so many times. I feel so tender towards him. What a good man. Be safe...Stay happy...feel my hug


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