Thursday, January 2, 2014

Daddy's Return: Disney's Epcot Center

Dallas has been so blessed to not only work for an incredible firm, PWC, but also to have met and worked with amazing people both in the Bay area and here in south Florida.  It's such a comfort to know that he is surrounded by great people that encourage and support him through his career choices.

Epcot was having it's annual Food and Wine festival, where all the different countries around the world are represented with different food and wine samples.  Of course we didn't try any of the wine, but we were able to sample foods from several of the countries represented and found each of them incredibly tasty.  We were full after sampling from 4-5 countries, so I'm not sure how one can actually sample all of the foods available...I guess space it out over a few days time?  
Unfortunately, by the time we arrived and got through security, Daxton was very hungry for his dinner and we knew he wasn't going to be interested in the different ethnic flavors the rest of the group was headed to, so we ventured off on our own and found a restaurant suitable for a crazy toddler.

We also thought it would be fun to check out the Finding Nemo ride and aquarium.  When my parents were in town visiting we missed this section somehow, so I was excited to check it out with our little guy.  They had some of the characters at the entrance which provided some fun picture opportunities...
Such a handsome little boy with his golden curls!
I love his little crinkle nose when he smiles!
The Finding Nemo ride was very similar to The Little Mermaid, Haunted Mansion, and other Disney rides that are on a continual conveyor belt.  We all sat in a coral reef/shell that led us through the ride.  Daxton loved the different colors and fish along the way, but got nervous during the sharks and loud noises.  It was neat that the ride incorporated real marine life as well.
The ride drops you off in the middle of a large aquarium with several different exhibits.  Daxton and I both loved watching the manatees swim most of all.
They have an interactive show called Turtle Talk with Crush that includes some incredible technology, but after waiting for 10 minutes for the next show to start, Daxton was done watching the stingrays and fish and was restless to leave.  One thing I've learned quickly with this toddler age, is you have to be flexible and not disappointed if their interest changes!
Instead of watching the show, we played on the different shark characters, which Daxton thought was pretty cool, especially feeling their "chompers."
After Finding Nemo, we headed over to the World Showcase and the Food and Wine Festival.  PWC provided us with a gift card to try different food samples which was so nice of them.  Since it was after 7pm, Daxton was totally content chilling in his stroller, snuggled up with his blanket, and watching all the interesting people walk by.  It turned out to be a really nice date night for Dallas and I.  I am loving the amazing opportunities Dallas has had in his profession lately, but having him gone for 6 weeks in Europe was a little hard.  Luckily we were spoiled by amazing parents and friends along the way, but I was ECSTATIC to have him back home with Daxton and I!  We had such an enjoyable night at Epcot, Daxton was a sweetheart and fell right to sleep, Dallas and I loved all the yummy food, but most importantly, loved being together again.

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