Thursday, January 9, 2014

Exploring Raleigh with Greg and Heidi

As I mentioned in the previous post, we've had a blast making memories with my cousin Greg and his wife Heidi over the past few years.  We were so excited to be able to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with both Dallas's family and my own in Raleigh.  Even though we were not able to stay for more than a couple days, Greg and Heidi were sweet enough to show us around.  Raleigh is such a great city with a lot of "hometown" charm.  Everyone was so genuinely friendly, with complete strangers saying hello and wanting to chat.

We first walked around a really cute cobblestone neighborhood where we found a yummy pizza place to eat for lunch.  Daxton was a bit tired so we had to use his special blanket to keep him pleasant while we waited for our food.  As you can see...he LOVES his blanket...

After lunch we wandered down by the capitol buildings and headed towards the different museums in the area.  I loved the large columns located at the entrance.

Heidi and I couldn't pass up the opportunity for some crazy pictures...although Heidi looks WAY too adorable...

We couldn't help but giggle watching Greg and Dallas, once bachelors living in the bay area together, each pushing a stroller with diaper bag attached.  They are both such great daddies and husbands.

We all decided that it would be fun to spend the rest of the afternoon at the Museum of Natural History.  It was fun to learn about native plants and animals specific to North Carolina.  Not to mention it was just fun to hang out with Greg and Heidi again.
We were all so respectful in the different exhibits...

Both Tommy and Daxton took long naps while we explored most of the lower levels, but they woke up when we got to the prehistoric exhibits.  The boys already love dinosaurs!

Daxton loved how tall the dinosaurs were and loved playing in and out of their legs.  He also loved playing in the footprints.

Our last stop was the top floor, the anthropod zoo.  They had a butterfly aviary that was pretty cool.  It reminded me of a very small version of the California Academy of Sciences.  I can't get enough of butterflies and I love how they will always remind me of my sweet niece Mara.

Once again...Heidi and I couldn't pass up a picture opportunity...because who doesn't want their picture with a cannon!?

It was so great to see Greg and Heidi again.  I absolutely loved all the snuggles from cute little Tommy as well.  We had such a great time in North Carolina spending the holidays with family.  We truly are blessed to be surrounded by loved ones.
Thanks again for the fun trip.  We can't wait til we can all get together again!  Love you guys!

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