Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tybee Island, Georgia

This year for Thanksgiving, we decided to drive up to Raleigh, North Carolina to spend the holiday with Dallas's grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins and also my cousins that just relocated there.  Since it is about a 12 hour drive, we decided to spend a couple days in Savannah, Georgia along the way.  We were so glad we took the time to explore Savannah, even if the weather was not ideal.  It proved to be a very charming and beautiful southern town and we left wishing we had planned another few days to really see everything it had to offer.

We didn't arrive in Savannah til late Monday evening, so Tuesday morning we woke and made our way out to Tybee Island, "Savannah's beach."  Several different films had been filmed in this location, all of which showcased the beauty of Tybee Island, so I was very excited to see turtles, take a boat tour, and look for dolphin.  Unfortunately the weather did not allow us to do so.  Severe thunder and lightening warnings prevented us from taking any boat outing and the wind prevented us from enjoying much else.  Dallas was a sweetheart and still indulged me with a crazy outing in the rainstorm...

Entering Tybee Island...
Notice the wind bellowing through the branches? 

Starting out the day warm and dry...

No matter the weather, Tybee was gorgeous and had the most interesting little docks and waterways that snaked through different neighborhoods.  I loved the wooden boardwalks that connected homes to their docked boats, some reaching several yards into the wetlands.
The above pictures were taken in the middle of one of the rainstorms throughout the day.  Daxton fell asleep on our drive, which allowed us to drive all over the area, getting a feel for the land and seeing much of the beauty.  I wasn't going to let a little rain ruin my photography, so needless to say...I got VERY wet throughout the course of the day!

We are already planning a return trip to the area since the weather was crummy.  The beach looked incredible with large rolling sand dunes that Daxton would have loved playing in.  With the amount of wind, the waves were enormous, though.

We found a really cute gazebo and boardwalk that led out to the beach off one of the last neighborhoods we explored.  You could tell that a lot of the neighboring homes were vacation rentals, since they were huge, yet totally vacant.  They were beautiful, though, and probably had the most incredible views.
Inside the gazebo...

Dallas stayed in the car with a sleeping Daxton while I explored some of the different trails and boardwalks throughout the community.  I'm sure he was pretty happy with his decision since he remained warm and dry for most of the day!  I, however, loved the different boardwalks spread over the vast sand dunes that reached out to the ocean.  It was absolutely stunning and I couldn't help but wonder if it was that gorgeous with HORRIBLE weather, what it must look like with the sun out??

When I finally returned to the car, I was dripping wet and frozen to the bone.  It didn't help that I don't own a single piece of warm clothing anymore, since there is NO need for them living in south Florida.

When Daxton woke, he was happy and ready to eat lunch, so we drove over to the Tybee Island pier and found some very interesting restaurant choices...
 We ended up eating at Spanky's instead of Fanny's...
Great food even if the name was terrible!

When we thought we were all going with Dallas to Sweden, I bought Daxton several different items for cold weather.  I was going to return them all since we ended up not going with him, but was super glad I didn't because of our trip north for Thanksgiving.  It was literally the first time we had felt cold in several months.  He was so cute in all his warm stylish layers!

After lunch it was still pouring rain outside, but we wanted to explore the pier.  Dallas was a trooper with Daxton and I since we can't get enough of the water.  We loved watching his face light up as raindrops hit his forehead and cheeks.  He would run with his mouth open laughing and trying to catch the raindrops.  It is so much fun to watch his budding personality shine through as he gets older.

My absolute favorite shot from the day!

So much rain!

While underneath the pavilion, Daxton thought it was super funny to steal and wear daddy's hat...

There was another pavilion attached at the end of the pier, but we didn't stay long with the strong wind blowing off the ocean.  We were all wet to the bone, freezing, and chattering teeth.  Daxton thought it was so funny that water was dripping from his face and began to try and blow bubbles into the wind from the water on his lips.

Trying to get a family picture was nearly impossible!
We look like drown rats! 

Dallas needed to take a business call and both he and Daxton were freezing, so they went back to the car as I finished exploring the pier.  It was nice to have my hands free of everything but my camera.  I am so in love with the ocean; even freezing and standing in the wind, I could have stayed out there forever.

Taken on my iPhone to show how insane the wind was...

It was such a fun adventure spending the morning exploring Tybee Island.  We wish the weather would have cooperated a bit better, but loved the chance to see it's beauty regardless.  Plus the rain added that much more fun!
Can't wait to return!

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