Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bonaventure Cemetary, Savannah, Georgia

Before we left Savannah and continued our journey north to Raleigh for Thanksgiving, we wanted to check out one last southern treasure.  We had heard that the Bonaventure Cemetery was absolutely stunning and literally dripping with history.  It did not disappoint!  For better or for worse, our family has a lot of experience with cemeteries and have found that the stereotypical conceptions of scary and spooky simply don't apply.  We have spent a lot of time visiting loved ones over the years and have fallen in love with the peaceful and quiet atmosphere provided in these resting places.

The Bonaventure Cemetery was definitely unique simply due to it's age.  All throughout the grounds were large oak trees draped in the most beautiful spanish moss.  Since we were visiting in the morning, I loved the light peaking through the branches.  There was a large plantation style home located at the entrance (I'm assuming the groundskeeper resided there.)  The roads were gravel, with each section of grave sites squared off by foot high walls.  The thing I love most about older cemeteries are the ornate headstones and crypts.  I love the diversity and character with each grave.  

I was so in love with the massive oak trees lining the paths.

Just a few of the interesting grave sites...

Daxton loved the freedom of exploring all the different paths.  He also loved playing with daddy.  They truly are two peas in a pod!

If daddy would let him, Daxton would be in daddy's arms all day long!  Too bad he's 30 pounds now and exhausts even the strongest arms.

You can never have too many snuggles with daddy!

 I loved the draping overgrowth along the various roads.

Just a few of the diverse headstones and grave sites we saw...

We found a really cool grave with a beautiful angel posed on top of the head stone.  Due to the wind, some of the Spanish moss had gotten caught in the angel's hand resulting in covering the angel's face.  It was actually very pretty, I thought.

We only spent about an hour exploring the grounds at Bonaventure Cemetery, although we would have liked to stay longer.  I have to admit the mid 50 degree temperature outside was a bit much for Daxton and I who have grown quite soft from living in the warm south Florida sun!  The highlight of our trip was finally getting a family picture taken!  I was able to prop the camera on one of the higher graves in order to do so and Daxton found it quite funny watching mommy jump over several different graves in order to make it back in time for the camera to flash.  Afterwards, we bundled up in the car and drove the remaining 4.5 hours up to Raleigh, North Carolina.

I sure do love my family!

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