Friday, January 3, 2014

Savannah, Georgia

After spending an adventurous morning out at Tybee Island, we ventured back in the rainstorm to explore Savannah.  They had several different tours available, but we ended up getting a map and local history information so we could go out on our own to explore.  Savannah has several different squares and parks throughout the city and is much larger than we originally thought.  We stayed in the downtown historic area, which was gorgeous.  There was even some of the original cobblestone streets in some places.  I loved how much history we were surrounded by, even if Savannah claims to be one of the most haunted cities in the United States.

Some of the gorgeous oak trees lining the parks...

It was crazy to see several of the streets starting to flood with the amount of rain over the course of the day.  I loved the overhanging branches that stretched out above the roads with Spanish moss dangling beneath.

We ended up driving across the river to where the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa was located since it had incredible views looking back at the city.  Along our drive we found some incredible homes...

 The Westin resort was stunning and beautifully decorated for the holiday season.  We walked through the lobby to the outside grounds on the riverfront.  There were several boat docks and incredible views looking back into Savannah.  Daxton had a blast running up and down the riverwalk, chasing birds, and most of all...jumping in puddles.

My grown up boy! 

He is such a crazy little toddler now!  Always wanting to run, jump, and climb.
My perfect smiling little buddy!

 Trying to get a family shot in front of the Westin's outdoor two-story Christmas tree...gotta love Daxton's facial expressions!

We spent over an hour running around the outdoor grounds along the river.  One of my favorite things is to watch my two loves goof off with each other.  Daxton has become such a boy and loves wrestling, being thrown in the air, and being chased.
Playing with daddy...

 I can't believe how grown up he is looking!

Looking back at Savannah's historic district...
Daxton LOVED the massive puddle from the earlier rainstorm.  He was dripping wet and loving every minute of it!

After we were all sufficiently wet, we wandered back through the lobby to look at the different holiday displays.  They had a gingerbread competition from different members of the local community and some of them were pretty amazing.  My favorite was the giant gingerbread man stomping through the middle of town...
Daxton loved all the decorated Christmas trees...

The next morning we went to a yummy breakfast cafe called Goose Feathers recommended to us by our aunt and uncle in Florida.  They had the most amazingly delicious items and we were all very happily full by the time we left.

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