Friday, December 6, 2013

Popsicles and Beach Time

After our adventures in the Florida keys we decided to come home for a couple days to relax, do laundry, finish some home maintenance, and let my parents check out our church.  It is amazing how quickly behaviors can form.  By the end of the first day Daxton had grandma and grandpa feeding him, holding his water bottle as he drank, carrying him everywhere, playing, snuggling, and spoiling him every second of the day.

The below picture is just a little glimpse...
popsicles on both sides!

One of our afternoons we spent exploring Fort Lauderdale.  I showed them the riverfront and the endless beaches.  Which of course we simply had to put our feet into!

Daxton had the most fun cleaning off the sand and ended up wetter than from after the ocean.
This little boy LOVES water!

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