Monday, February 16, 2015

Adventures in Cozumel: Day One

Before the Marshall family came to visit us the beginning of October we had booked tickets to go visit them the beginning of November in Cozumel, Mexico.  It was pretty awesome to not only get to see them once but twice!
It was kind of a weird experience flying to Cozumel simply because the flight was only a little more than an hour.  It brought back the realization how far we really live from family since it takes over 6 hours flight to reach Washington state from south Florida!

Daxton was pretty great on the plane.  I can't even remember how many flights this little guy has taken in the past almost three years.  Too many, I'm sure!  He loved looking out the window, playing with daddy, sucking on suckers, and watching the iPad. 

The views were gorgeous!
Left: flying over part of the Florida keys
Right: flying over Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

After landing safely in Cozumel

Since we had just seen them a month earlier, it was so fun to see Daxton and Penelope fall right back into best buddies!  When they saw each other at the airport they immediately started squealing loudly and chasing each other in circles.  It was pretty hysterical and the perfect start to a super fun weekend visit!
We went back to Sean and Heidi's place to unload our bags, relax a bit, and plan out our trip.  They had a great home with a big pool in the back.  Within a few moments of us arriving, Daxton and Penelope had made their way to the pool and had started splashing each other while giggling loudly.  I loved watching them together!

Daxton and Penelope sharing paper for coloring

They were drenched within a couple seconds.

That night Sean and Heidi took us to one of their favorite places to eat.  It had some of the best food!  Not quite sure what I ordered, but everything tasted so yummy and Daxton loved it all too.  It was so fun to be lead around by locals, since Sean and Heidi had been living there for nearly two years, they knew the best places to visit without all the tourists.

After dinner we explored some of the local streets and made our way down to the marina.  I was so fascinated by all the different colors and textures found throughout the streets of Cozumel.  It had it's own unique beauty about it, although everyone else thought I was crazy for thinking a barred up window with sheets for curtains could be beautiful.  Daxton and Penelope continued to be little peas in a pod as they looked through windows, picked up rocks, and jumped over uneven sidewalks.

We made it to the waterfront right as the sun was setting.  The kids had fun playing in the fountain as we walked around and explored the area.

There were several fun restaurants and shops along our walk through the plaza.  The kids loved playing in all the sidewalk displays.  Penelope and Daxton even broke out their awesome dancing and music skills when they found a pile of maracas.  
We ended the evening with yummy ice cream.
It really was the perfect start to a fun weekend!

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