Sunday, February 1, 2015

Day to Day from September

Wow!  I've finally caught up to September...only five more months to document!  I have to keep telling myself that I'll be so glad when everything's caught up and I'm giving my mommy something to read while she's recuperating!

September turned out to be a pretty fun month.  Daxton had gotten to a fun age where his creative side was starting to bloom.  We spent hours in the playroom drawing and coloring murals together.  It was so much fun to talk about different animals and what they were doing in the picture.  I cherish the time we get to spend together.

September is also the month my thoughts continually turn to our sweet niece Mara.  September 22nd marked the sixth year anniversary of Mara's passing.  I couldn't think of any better place than to spend it at Butterfly world.  Butterflies will forever remind me of Mara.  I've loved visiting the different gardens and watching all the colorful butterflies land.  They are such graceful creatures. 

I loved watching the excitement on Daxton's face as a butterfly would land next to him.  We also spent some time at our "Mara bench".

We ended up going a couple times in the month of September.  I really do love the peaceful and tranquil environment.  The second time we went Daxton made sure to wear his rain boots and bring his special binoculars and sunglasses.  He was quite the nature explorer that day.

We also were able to have some fun pool group play dates.  It was pretty cute to see all these little ones in their floaties splashing and eating snacks along the edge of the pool.  Daxton and I are really lucky to have some good friends.

We were also able to spend some quality time with our dear friends, the Bradford family.  Our hearts were pretty much broken when they moved to Boca Raton in the month of August.  Luckily Boca is only about 30 minutes north, but we are greatly missing them in our ward.  For Adam's birthday we did a couples night out where Dallas and Adam went spear fishing.  It was pretty awesome because Tiffany and I got to sit by the water for hours chatting and laughing while the boys were fishing.  It was the first time Dallas had ever been spear fishing, let alone nighttime spear fishing.  Adam said it was the best time to go because the bright light from their flashlights blinds the fish.  They fished along the empty piers up near Pompano Beach.  They ended up having a blast because they were snorkeling from 9pm till after 1am!  Tiffany and I were even kicked out of the park because of curfew.  We ended up going to a super yummy doughnut place as a treat for the guys when they got out of the water.  
Their catch for the night...
I felt bad the fish were so pretty.  I know, I'm weird.

That same weekend we had a combined birthday celebration for Adam and our other dear friend, Alex.  Our three families have been good friends for months and even celebrated new years together last year.  Alex's son Julian and Daxton are best buddies so it was fun to have all the families together for a yummy dinner and dessert celebration.

The decorations...

Daxton and Julian had so much fun playing with toys and reading books in the tent.  There would be a quiet in our conversation and we would look over and find the two of them smiling and laughing at each other.  I love these boys together.

It was such a yummy dinner thanks to Alex and Tiffany!  

Alex makes beautiful cakes, but I couldn't ask her to make her own cake.  So I ended up just getting one from the grocery store.  The kids didn't seem to mind.  Adam's children, Lucy and James, had fun helping Adams and Alex blow out their birthday candles.

The Salano Family
We love them so very much!

Of course Daxton and Julian LOVED their cake.
Although, Julian may have loved his a bit too much...
Tiffany said he should try putting his face in a piece.  Of course she was just teasing, but I'm pretty sure Julian is a little young to understand teasing, so he put his face in a piece of cake.  He was a bit confused after because he didn't like it in his eyes.  We tried not to laugh as Danny wiped off that adorable face, but seriously, how cute is Julian's face!

We loved being able to spend quality time with our friends and especially celebrate the birthdays of two of our closest family friends.  We love you guys, Bradford and Salano Familys!!

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