Sunday, February 1, 2015

Day to Day from August...

August was a scorcher.
It was kind of weird reaching our year mark of living in south Florida.  In many ways it still feels like I'm finding my footing, trying to make friends, and find where I fit in.  There were many changes to our Ward family at church during August.  The ward and stake boundaries were realigned which meant I was separated from all of my church friends since we live a couple miles north of them.  It was and still is quite difficult for me.  I try hard to remain involved in play groups and other activities they plan, but I always feel a bit left out or removed.  It's not intentional by any means and I try very hard to not read into things, but there is a natural element to socializing at church.  We all get so busy in our weekly lives that catching up on Sundays was often the only time I would see some of my friends.  Now I don't have those connections and finding time for play groups and catching up, can be difficult for people.

ANYWAY, August found us at a weird cross roads yet again in our lives.  Dallas was and continues to be a great strength to me and our family.  Since it was so hot, we once again found ourselves hanging out here...
In the water!

Our community pool is about a block and a half away, so Daxton would hop in the bike trailer and I would pedal down the street.  We actually preferred swimming in the afternoon right before dinner.  The sun was usually down far enough we wouldn't have to worry about getting burned.  Our favorite was when daddy could join us though!  

August continued with rainy season, which was really interesting to live through.  It wasn't the kind of rain I was used to from the Pacific coast where grey rainclouds would roll in and stick for hours with drizzle here and there.  The storms here are crazy!  I've never seen such defined massive clouds roll in so quickly and leave just as quick.  It would be super sunny, the storm clouds would roll in, pour massive drops of rain for 30 minutes or so, and then the clouds would move on.  The lightening that often came with these storms were fiercely loud and frightening.  Both Daxton and I would curl up together hiding under blankets or watching a movie until the storm would pass.  Then the sun would come back out and we would go back outside to play.

Our good friend, Tiffany was sweet enough to give Daxton the tent from young womens.  He loves this tent still.  We kept it down stairs for a long time and he would play and watch movies inside, but it tool up a lot of the playroom, so we moved it up to his bedroom where he now uses it as a place to snuggle down and read books.

During the month of August we were able to spend a lot of time with the Bean girls.  Daxton loved playing with Brooke and Macy so babysitting them was pretty easy.  It was so cute to see them all laugh and play together so well.

We also took a fun trip up to the Lion Country Safari together.  Whitney and I were pretty impressed that we were able to fit all three carseats across the back seat!

The kids had so much fun looking at all the different animals and eating yummy snacks in the car.

We also got to celebrate Macy's second birthday!
We got her the Sleeping Beauty doll and matching toddler dress.  I think it was a total hit, because she wouldn't take it off for a few days.  It was such a fun morning spending it with the Bean family.  We sure do love and miss them.

I love Macy's facial expression in the picture below.

Whitney and I also took the kids to Hollywood beach.  It was a good work out pushing the kids up and down the boardwalk.  It is very difficult working out in the heat and humidity!  We were both drinched in sweat within a few minutes.  Since there was an alert at the beach, we didn't go in the ocean, but at Hollywood boardwalk there is a fun splash pad.  The kids had a blast cooling off at the splash pad before heading home.

I love the views from the Hollywood beach board walk!

August was a good month.
It was a bit hard with the church changes, but we were still able to do lots of fun things throughout the month with good friends.

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