Saturday, February 14, 2015

NZ Reunion 2014 Day 3

Our adventures from October, when my New Zealand girls came to visit, continued the next morning.  Since it was Saturday, Dallas spent the day with Daxton so I could have a fun girls' day full of fun.  We all said a sad goodbye to our amazing stay at Hawks Key Resort and then made our way back up through the Florida Keys.  Dallas was a sweetheart and helped with a few pics before driving home with our little man.

Love these girls!

The front of our condo

On our drive back up the Florida Keys we stopped at Anne's Beach.  We knew we wouldn't have a ton of time to swim since we needed to get back to Fort Lauderdale for our evening festivities, but I wanted to make sure I showed them some of the hidden treasures of  the Florida keys.

Since there is a large reef less than a mile off the coast of the keys, there are almost no waves.  The water was so warm and calm.  It made for some fun photo ops.

And of course, who goes to the beach and doesn't take a few jumping pictures...

We took our time driving back up through the Florida keys and decided to make one more quick stop before heading home.  I had heard amazing things about the New River Grove market and knew that it was one of the only places we could get the best Key Lime pie in the area.  We also were pleasantly surprised with super yummy shakes, homemade fudge, and all sorts of local treats.

We made a haul, taking home a couple pies, fudge, and fresh shakes.  Needless to say, it was quite a yummy stop!

That evening we drove into Fort Lauderdale to ride on the water taxi.  We of course had to take the obligatory great white shark pictures at Briny's Pub before waiting for the taxi.

I love being on the water, which is one of the biggest reasons I love Fort Lauderdale so much.  I love all the different canals and the gorgeous homes that line them.  It was so much fun showing the girls some of my favorite places along the intercoastal.

We decided to get off at the 15th street fisheries restaurant for dinner.  Before we ate, I thought it'd be fun to have the girls feed the giant tarpon off the pier.  It was pretty funny to see their expression as we opened the bag full of frozen shrimp (eye balls and all) to throw at the fish.
Ashley's turn...

Heather's turn...

Lisa's reaction was pretty classic.  She even gagged a couple times as she was trying to break apart the frozen shrimp.  
We all had a blast watching the massive tarpon jump out of the water and get into fights over the food.  I love that there are lights placed at the bottom of the pier so we could see the fish better as well.

We ate a yummy dinner that even included fried gator as an appetizer!

After dinner we caught the water taxi for an evening ride along the water.  We decided we wanted to do the whole loop which took about an hour.  Midway through the tour, Heather got super sick and even passed out.  It was pretty scary, but we were able to get her downstairs and feeling better by the end of the tour.  We later found out that she's allergic to shellfish (i.e. the coconut shrimp she ate for dinner.)  After the tour finished, we made our way back to the car just in time to witness one of the WEIRDEST things I've ever seen in Florida.  As we were leaving the parking garage, we were caught in the middle of a zombie march.  Luckily we were safely in the confines of our locked vehicle, but being surrounded by almost a hundred people dressed up as zombies had me flashing to numerous different scenes from The Walking Dead!  They circled our car while we waited at the red light (which was a SUPER LONG red light) and almost every zombie that walked by stuck their faces against our windows in an effort to scare us.  I was so grateful I was in a full car with friends and not on my own!  We ended up laughing hysterically about the whole thing and what an insanely weird night it had turned out to be...
What fun and crazy memories!!

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