Saturday, February 14, 2015

NZ Reunion 2014 Day 2

I have an amazing husband.
He is always so good about helping whenever he can, especially when my friends come into town.  In October when my New Zealand girls came to visit, Dallas wanted to make sure he could help with Daxton.  So he met up with us at Duck Key late Thursday night.  He still worked from the condo all day Friday, but it was great because we could go play and then I could leave Daxton at the condo with Dallas for his naps or quiet time.  

Friday morning, while us girls were all getting ready and finishing breakfast, I caught these two sweethearts.  They were looking for fish off the pier.  I love seeing them hand in hand.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't get much more gorgeous than this...

The view of our beautiful condo standing near the waterway.

After breakfast we threw on our bathing suits and headed to the pool area.  Dallas walked Daxton down so he would know where to pick him up later for his nap.

Taken with the GoPro

We started our morning by relaxing around the lagoon.  Daxton walked straight into the water like it was nothing.  The water was warm, but both Daxton and I have sadly become sand snobs.  We've been spoiled with the soft sands along the south Florida coastlines whereas the Florida keys sand can be more rocky.  Daxton spent a little while swimming, throwing rocks back into the ocean, and playing in the sand while us girls talked and relaxed.  

Our little cabana for the morning

I love how much this boy loves being in the water.
The view looking back towards the resort.

One of the main reasons we loved the Hawks Key Resort was for the dolphin research and interaction center.  The dolphin lagoon was located right next to the resort boardwalk so guests can watch the dolphin interactions for free.  We had so much fun watching the trainers work with the dolphins, especially Daxton.  Dallas came to take Daxton to his nap, but us girls stayed to watch the entire dolphin interaction experience.

We loved all the different jumps.

After watching the dolphins, we decided to eat a yummy lunch at the resorts poolside restaurant.  I love these girls so much and loved the chance to hang out (without my little man in tow).  Lunch was yummy and the weather was pretty heavenly.

After lunch we spent the ENTIRE afternoon in the pool.  I had recently gotten a GoPro waterproof camera and it became the main event for the day.  I wish I could put into words how fun the afternoon was.  It seems so silly looking back now, but we spent the entire time laughing hysterically taking ridiculous pictures and videos of each other doing different tricks and poses in the water.  I can honestly say I haven't laughed that hard and that long for quite sometime.  I'm sure the other guests thought we were absolutely insane, especially since we are 30yr olds acting like teenagers.  But boy, did it feel good to act like an obnoxious child again.

Just a few of the crazy moments captured...
These pretty much sum up why I love these girls so much!

After a few hours, Dallas and Daxton joined us in the pool, right as the sun was setting.  Daxton had so much fun trying to reach the camera.  It was great to see him and Dallas playing in the water.  We love spending time with Daddy!

We loved the underwater shots, especially the one of Daxton holding Dallas's hand.

After hours in the pool, we cleaned up and got ready for the night.  Dallas stayed back in the condo with Daxton for the evening while us girls explored the live entertainment.  The resort had a big fire pit we sat around to stay warm.  We had a blast listening to live music and once again, acting like silly teenagers.

It was such a great day with my New Zealand girls!  A great mix of relaxation and fun.

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