Sunday, February 1, 2015

Morgan's Birthday

September also brought about one of the cutest birthday parties we have ever attended.  Dalton's little buddy, Morgan, turned four and had the most amazing Peter Pan themed birthday.  Angie did such an amazing job and made sure all the kids, no matter their age, were able to have fun and enjoy themselves.  Kids were asked to dress up as a Peter Pan character, pirate, or in their PJs.  We got a little creative with Daxton's outfit.  We had found the silliest PJ shorts and used his pirate head band he had gotten from his Auntie Ashleigh over the summer.  We also threw on one of his old church vests that no longer fit around his chunky belly.  As we were looking for items Daxton found his old monkey leash from when he was learning to walk on his own.  He was adamant about wearing it but wanted the leash taken off of course.  It actually fit pretty well and made me think of the crazy monkey on Pirates of the Caribbean.  I was able to take a quick picture with him wearing his eye patch, but he quickly tore that off.

Angie had the CUTEST ideas for decorations and games.  Look at all the details and thought that went into this...seriously, it was amazing!

A big shout out to Whitney for creating the most incredible Peter Pan cake.  Her creativity and talent astounds me.  I loved all the fun little details she put into the cake.

Such cute decorations!
I'm going to have to just steal all Angie's ideas for Daxton's next birthday.

She also made these signs pointing to each of the games!
And can we just talk about how stinking cute little Morgan is?  He was pretty proud to tell me that he turned 4 years old.

Some of the activities included...
Digging for buried treasure, where kids found jewelry, eye patches, and gold doubloons hiding under the rice.

Macy and Daxton could have stayed at this one station for the entire party.

Another game included throwing rings onto the crocodiles hat.
Could the Jensen boys be any cuter pirates!?

Morgan's uncle had a station where kids could choose colors for war paint on their faces.  They also had the cutest teepee where kids could choose different prizes.

The mermaid lagoon was also super fun.  Angie had made fishing poles for the kids to hook sea creatures and mermaids.  If they hooked one they would get a prize.

There was also a Lost Boys challenge where kids threw water balloons at different targets for a prize.
I couldn't get over how cute little Max was as a pirate.  Lauren even drew on little black mustaches for both he and Peter.  So cute!

There was also a a big pi├▒ata decorated as a present to Wendy from Peter.  I thought that was such a cute detail.  The kids each took turns hitting it.  It was pretty funny watching Daxton try so hard to swing at it.

Then of course came all the yummy treats.  
There was a cooler full of popsicles that the kids could eat at any time.  I'm pretty sure Daxton had at least five of those.  I was talking to one of my friends and noticed that he would grab one from the cooler and take it to a new adult to open each time.  I think he found a pretty good way of getting around mommy and daddy telling him he'd had enough!  He's a bit too smart for my liking.
Then there was yummy cake, ice cream, and other goodies to snack on.
It was such a fun and well done party.
Angie did such a great job finding activities that would be fun for all sorts of age groups.  You know it's a good party if you look around and every single kid is not only smiling and laughing, but interacting with those around them.
Thanks so much for inviting us to help celebrate Morgan's birthday.  He is such a sweetheart and we were so glad that Daxton has a buddy like Morgan to look up to!

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