Sunday, February 1, 2015

Disney's Magic Kingdom with the Bean Girls

Our next day we decided to do Magic Kingdom.  I noticed pretty quickly the temperament of my little man was going to push my patience level a bit.  When we first arrived we spent a few minutes figuring out our fast passes.  We wanted to link them so that we could get the same fast passes for that day and the next day at Animal Kingdom.  We decided on doing Buzz Lightyear, Ariel's Grotto, and Pirates of the Caribbean.  It was a MUCH hotter day than the day before and Magic Kingdom doesn't have tons of shade.  I think that is one of the main reasons our little ones were a bit more restless this day.

At the entrance at the beginning of the day, already sweating...not a good sign!

As we were walking towards Tomorrowland for our Buzz Lightyear fast passes, we noticed there was a show going on at the castle.  It was the Dream Along with Mickey show and it was close to the end.  The kids loved it though and immediately hopped out of their strollers and started dancing.

Macy had some great dance moves!

We hung out in Tomorrowland for awhile and then made our way over to the Ariel's Grotta ride.  All the kids loved it.  Then we made our way to the Circus Circus area, where thankfully there was a splash pad.  It was such a hot day, all of us were melting.  We had totally forgotten to bring extra clothes for the kids, so we stripped them down to their diapers and let them loose.  Daxton had a blast running in and out of squirting water.  His little chest had never seen the sunlight, so I was super nervous about him getting a sunburn.  
Look at those tan lines!

The splash pad was the perfect way for the kids to cool off.  We explored more of the park, Daxton and Macy fell asleep for awhile, and we were able to find the BEST seats for the "Festival of Fantasy" parade.  I had never seen it before and it blew us all away!  Every float was extravagant with so many princesses and other characters from Disney classics.  The kids were so excited.  They waved and called hello to each of the characters whom passed.  It made the day magical for sure!

Cinderella and Prince Charming
Beauty and the Beast

Our favorite: Anna and Elsa

Rapunzel's float was amazing!

Ariel and so many beautiful sea creatures

A very sweaty, exhausted, but excited little boy.

Peter Pan, Wendy, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, the Lost Boys, and Tick Tock Croc!

Maleficent as a fire breathing dragon, the prince and ferries from Sleeping Beauty

Finishing up the parade with some of the classics: Goofy, Chip and Dale, Donald and Daisy, and Minnie and Mickey.
I LOVE Brooke's expression while watching the parade...perfection!

After the parade we rushed over to Pirate's of the Caribbean and then explored the Swiss Family Treehouse.

After the treehouse we were all VERY exhausted, sweaty, and ready to go to bed!  We ended up grabbing a quick bite to eat on our way home and crashed early for the night.  It was a very fun second day at Disney, but both Whitney and I were missing our husbands help at this point.  Doing Disney is tiring!  They sure had a fun day though.

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