Monday, February 2, 2015

Day to Day from October

I've come to the conclusion that every month is pretty magical in south Florida.  The heat and humidity from the summers create the best evening ocean swims and the warm drier temperatures of the winter months are pure bliss.
October was a great month for our little family.
It was full with LOTS of visitors which always makes me happy.  My mom always jokes that I missed my calling as a tour guide, but if I was an official tour guide I wouldn't be able to join all my clients on their adventures ;)
Our day to day adventures included lots of play dates with great friends.  At the beginning of October we got a big group of girls together to meet up at Dania beach for the morning.  The weather was perfect!  It was sunny with moments of cloud coverage with a continual soft breeze.  The water was super calm making it great for all the kids wanting to play in the ocean.
It was a really good turn out with almost 15 girls and their kids.  It was quite the fun get together!  Just look at that water!

Another fun playdate Daxton and I had was inviting his little buddies, Julian and Joey, over to play.  We ended up pulling out our flour buckets from his birthday (yes we were still playing with the same flour!)  The boys had so much fun together.  

These three have the most magical friendship together!

They were simply digging in the flour and somehow it turned into this...
It was too funny to intervene!

Every inch was covered in flour.  I loved looking at Daxton's little hairs on the back of his neck and shoulders, every little bit covered in white.

Who ever said you can't make "snow" angels in Florida!?
After the kids were done, we brought out the water table and started filling up water buckets.  The kids had just as much fun washing off the flour as they did dumping it on each other.  
Needless to say, it was a very fun play date!
I love these boys so much and their mommies as well!

Another fun activity Dallas and I did with Daxton happened by accident.  We needed to pick some things up at Home Depot one Saturday and came upon their awesome free Saturday kids workshop.  In the parking lot was a big fire truck kids could climb in and a booth with different reptiles kids could interact with.

The awesome part was Home Depot's free building activity for the kids.  They were each given their own apron and project to complete with their parents.  Daxton was SO excited to help daddy with the tools, especially with the hammer.  Dallas definitely earned his brave points that day!

The finished project was a little truck.
Kids could also paint and decorate their truck, but we knew we wouldn't have enough time to let it dry, so we chose to do that at home.

Other classics from October...
Finding him covered in his Grandpa's election stickers.
Sneaking away to color in his coloring books.
And Halloween!

We ended up reusing his costume from Morgan's birthday party, which made Halloween quite easy!  We went to our ward's Trunk or Treat and then passed out candy to our neighborhood kids.  The new addition to his outfit was his Jake sword we got from Grandma over the summer.

I love these two together!!
Julian and Daxton let me take the cutest pics of them together.  Plus we got a great photobomb from our Bishop!
October was a really good here come the posts from all our adventures with visitors from the month of October...

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