Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adams Family Reunion: Obsidian Flow

The Newberry National Volcanic Monument was pretty amazing.  We loved exploring Paulina Lake, so when Dad pulled off towards signs saying Big Obsidian Flow we were all interested in what we might find.  The hike was pretty intense through sharp rocks and it didn't help that obsidian is black so it made everything that much hotter, but it was pretty incredible.  It felt like we were hiking through a deserted wasteland or on another planet.  The kids thought it was incredible running and jumping off the huge rocks.  Daxton was napping in his car seat so Dallas opted to stay back to watch him.  After about 70 stairs straight up the hill, I was wondering why my post pregnant body wasn't back with Daxton instead of being out in the blistering sun!  It turned out to be quite the experience though and I kept telling myself that if Richard could hike with both his kids in tow, than I could manage with only my camera in hand.  I was glad I went and even more glad when I got back to the car, but the kids loved it!

Emma and Ellis taking a break on the rocks.
Stuart was so funny.
I would turn around and he would be posing, just waiting for me to snap a shot.  If I waited too long he would move to the next spot just waiting for me to take a picture.  I think his new career should be modeling, what do you think?
These pictures don't really do the hike justice.  It was pretty crazy to try and not twist my ankle among the rocks.  Looking back it's like looking at a Where's Waldo book trying to find everyone in each picture.

Can you find Richard carrying Emma and Nora in each arm??

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