Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sucking on Toes

At the Adams Family Reunion this summer, I spent time with the nieces and nephews looking for different wildlife outside.  At one point I was having them look for ants and told them that if we put a little bit of sugar on our toes, that ants would want to come nibble on them.  Of course the kids loved this and immediately wanted to pour sugar all over their feet (their parents were real happy with Aunt Kirsten!)
Well, I'm pretty sure someone must have dipped Daxton's toes in sugar, because he has been wanting to suck on them constantly lately!  Daddy has to help out with balancing his little body every once and awhile, but Daxton sure does love his "little piggies!"  He can get quite the suction going, which means A LOT of drool!  He sure has a lot of fun with daddy!

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