Monday, September 17, 2012

Back to School Celebration

I realize I'm a mommy now, but I will also always be the crazy aunt Kirsten as well.  Therefore when our niece and nephews went back to school a few weeks ago, I simply had to do something fun to help celebrate the occasion.  Last year I had made a big poster with a story written on it and several different candy bars inserted into the story.  The kids thought that was great, but I didn't have as much time this year with my little man needing me, so I resorted to getting them each bags of goodies...not as creative, but they still seemed to love it.
(Lincoln was at a soccer game when we stopped by, so we had to celebrate without him this time.  He still got a goodie bag, though!)

This year Lincoln started 5th grade, Rulon started 3rd grade, Ellis started 1st grade, and Will started preschool.  They are all loving their teachers and making great friends.
They were all so cute and super excited about their little presents.  They were full with silly string, chocolate straws, and LOTS of candy.  I'm sure Heather was super excited that we loaded them up right before bedtime!
Daxton LOVES his cousins.
It's so much fun to see his face light up while he watches them.  I'm sure he can't wait til he's a little bit more mobile and can be in more of the action.  They are all so sweet with him.  His nickname is "Baby Daskin."
He's also sporting his John Deer outfit from Grandpa and Grandma Perkins!  Love those legs!

The kids had never used silly string before, so we of course had to take them outside for a silly string war.  Will couldn't quite figure out how to work the can, so he mostly ran around and squealed, telling Rulon where to spray his string.
Ellis was afraid of getting silly string on her new outfit...yes she's a true girl :)  So Heather sprayed her and showed her that it falls right off.  She did NOT like that at all!
The chaos in the street!
Dallas was helping Will, Rulon was writing his name with silly string, and Ellis practicing how to use the can on Heather.  I'm sure the neighbors were super excited!

Daxton didn't know what quite to make of the situation.  He was just sucking on his lower lip listening to everyone's squeals.
Yes...I may have told them to pose like this...

Sweet little Olive and Daxton had fun watching everything take place.  They are pretty cute and I'm sure they can't wait to play together and get into all sorts of mischief.  I love that Daxton will have cousins his age to play with.

Taking it all in...
I swear his cheeks just keep getting bigger and bigger!
It was a fun and crazy celebration.
We love living so close to family and getting the opportunity to spoil them when we can.  We love them so much and are so happy they are so excited about school.
Hope it's a wonderful year!  Good luck!

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