Sunday, September 30, 2012

Illinois Trip: All Our Bags Are Packed...

Dallas' grandparents are serving a mission in Nauvoo, Illinois and will be finishing at the end of October.  We really wanted to make sure that we were able to visit them and the historic sites of our Church's history before their mission finished.  When my parents told us that they were thinking about driving back through the midwest for a 3 week vacation and that they would love to pick us up and take us to Nauvoo, we jumped at the offer.  We bought tickets to Chicago and started nervously planning our flight with little Daxton.  
Last Thursday our dear friend, Allyson, took us to the SFO airport after days of worrying about all the little things that needed to be done before flying.  I have flown all over the world and yet I have never been nervous until last week.  Maybe it was the momma bear coming out of me or maybe it was the nervousness of not wanting to upset passengers around us in case little Daxton started to cry, whatever the main the time we made it through security, checked our stroller and car seat at the gate, and sat down in our seats I was a nervous mess.  Daxton was a rockstar though.  He curiously looked around (thank heavens Virgin America has crazy purple lighting in their planes), watched all the different people walking by, and then for take off he ate and fell asleep.  Not too bad, little man!  He slept for almost the entire flight, waking up only to feed again and to play with daddy for a bit.  On descent he cried for 5 minutes, but I nursed him again and he was able to calm himself as the plane landed.  Everyone was very impressed with him and we were so grateful his discomfort was minimal.  What a blessing that everything went well and that he was able to sleep on our flight.  My arms were exhausted and felt like jello by the time we landed, but talk about some great snuggling along the way!

Riding the tram to our terminal at SFO

Excited about his first plane ride

First Family Flight

Watching the clouds roll by...

 I was a very happy mommy to get so many wonderful snuggles!
Now let's just hope he does as well going home!

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