Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adams Family Reunion: River Walk

This reunion was much different for Dallas and I than those of the past.  It was the first one with our own child.  It was such a weird feeling to not be free to run off with each activity everyone was doing, or stop everything to take cute pictures of the grand kids.  We were responsible parents now and not just the crazy, fun aunt and uncle.  One afternoon, most of the others had gone out riding bikes, so we thought we would go on a little family walk along the Deschutes River.  Sunriver is located right along the riverbed and our lodge was about a half mile up the road.  As we were leaving the house little Ellis came running up wanting to join us.  Who would ever want to say no to such an adorable little face!?

Ellis wearing my sunglasses.  She loved making funny faces at Daxton and he sure loves her.  He'd immediately smile in return.

We couldn't find a path that lead to the river at first, so we were very grateful for our off-roading stroller and paved our own way out to the riverbed.  Of course Daxton slept through most of it...

It was so fun to watch little Ellie run through the forest, climb trees, and jump over logs.  I'm sure Erik and Heather were glad we helped get out some of her energy.  She was so exhausted after all the running that she caught a ride with little Dax on the walk home.

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