Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Adams Family Reunion: Sunriver, OR

At the end of July we had our big Adams Family Reunion.
My immediate family has gotten so large that every two years we plan for a reunion so everyone can see each other.  Of course there are always other reasons to get together throughout the years in between each visit, but at least we know that every couple years EVERYONE will  be together under one roof for at least a week.
In the summer of 2007, our first official immediate Adams family reunion, we all met up in Lincoln City, Oregon.  But we quickly concluded that while the ocean was gorgeous, it was freezing for all the kids to swim in.  Our next reunion was the summer of 2010 in the vacation capitol of central Oregon, Sunriver.  I wrote several different blog posts about our adventures here, here, here, here, and here.  (If you click on the links it will take you back through those memories.)  We fell in love with Sunriver.  It was the perfect 'inbetween' location for those living in Washington and those living in Northern California.  It was warm and located right along the Deschutes River with lots of activities (biking, tubing, rafting, hiking, swimming, etc.)  Mom and dad decided that since it was such a hit, we should return this summer.  It was so much fun and we couldn't have been more spoiled from mom and dad!
12 adults and 12 grandkids were able to stay at the Bittern Lodge with room to spare.  There were several spacious rooms; including a game room and bathrooms adjoining each bedroom.  A hot tub and grill on the deck along with a huge living area, kitchen, and dining room.  It was perfect for our family!
Here are several pictures of everyone around the home throughout the week...

Arriving at the house...Daxton already has grandma and grandpa wrapped around his little finger!
Lots of cousin time!
It's always so fun to see how well all the grandkids play together.  They loved looking for bugs and deer in the woods and all the girls LOVED playing dress ups.  There were several princesses walking around our home.

Lots of different games and crafts were provided for the grandkids.  Leisha came up with the idea of laminating closeups of the kids that they could draw silly additions to.  It was such a fun idea and the kids had a blast with their expo pens.  Mom and I made a memory game with several different funny pictures throughout the year that they could match.  Aunt Heather brought wooden letters they kids could make collages and paint on to represent their names.  It was quite the crafty kitchen.
One of the best surprises was little Olive joining us.  I'm still shocked that Heather, after giving birth three weeks prior, joined us at the reunion with little Olive.  She's one tough cookie!  Much tougher than I was at three weeks post delivery.
Lots of opportunities to snuggle!
The hot tub was again a huge hit with all the grandkids.  Being a new mom, I wasn't quite ready to put Daxton in a hot tub for too long, even though it wasn't a very 'hot' hot tub...more like a warm bath, so we opted for hanging out on the edge while dipping our toes in the water.  He loved watching all the kids and loved feeling the water on his feet.
It wouldn't be a true family reunion without BUBBLES!
Always a hit with the kiddos!
Uncle Stuart lucked out with being the one in charge of blowing all the bubbles.  He was pretty exhausted after an hour of straight bubble blowing.
Quite the little performers, Nora and Will got along great and turned into close little buddies throughout the week together.
Grandpa loved snuggling with little Olive and Daxton.  They are only three months apart and yet it's crazy to see how much Daxton has grown within that time frame.  I love all the different facial expressions they both made
There was lots of games, wrestling, singing, dancing, and snuggling that took place while we were in Sunriver.  I loved watching everyone interact with Daxton.  It'll be fun to see him at the next reunion running around with everyone.

I was super nervous about how Daxton would do in a loud house full of so many people he had never met.  But it turned out great.  We were able to keep up with his schedule, which helped a TON.  As long as he ate and got his naps, he was perfectly content to sit back and watch all the kiddos play around him.
I love the picture below.
It melts my heart to see Dallas playing with Daxton.
What an incredible daddy.

All the grandkids (except sweet Mara, who was and will continue to be greatly missed.)  It's amazing to see what a legacy mom and dad have made!
Thanks for the such a great week mom and dad!
We absolutely loved our stay in Sunriver!

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  1. It was a perfect week! And we do have the most beautiful grandkids.


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