Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fort Ross: Windermere Point

One of the benefits of breast feeding is getting to stop every three hours of whatever it is I'm doing to just spend time with my little man; undivided attention me and my guy.  We realized on our summer road trip that these feeding breaks could lead to gorgeous pictures.  After we packed up our campsites everyone decided to head to Goat Rock State Beach where the Russian River meets the ocean.  It's located in the small beach town of Jenner about 45 minutes south of Gualala and 10 minutes north of Bodega Bay.  On our drive along HWY 1, Daxton needed to eat, so we pulled over in the small town of Fort Ross at Windermere Point.  While I was feeding our little man, Dallas was able to take some amazing pictures of our gorgeous view.  I'm in love with the colors, ocean, cliffs, and light house.  I'm constantly amazed by the beauty of the California Coast.

Here are some of the beautiful images Dallas captured...

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