Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Little Changes

Daxton is almost 6 months old.
It's crazy how quickly time flies.
While enjoying the day to day of life with my little man, it is sometimes hard for me to see the little changes that are taking place.  It's much easier to notice these things while looking through photos, though.  For one thing, he has lost almost all of his dark hair.  When he was first born, he was covered in thick dark hair.  Now it's almost all either fallen out or changed to blonde.  He still has tons of hair.  It's now just shorter and much lighter.
Secondly, he has refused to suck on his pacifier and take a bottle any more.  Yes, I'm loving the closeness of breast feeding, but it would be nice to sneak away to the temple every once in awhile, or a chick flick at the movies, or even a pedicure.  Needless to say, he has me on lock down.  He won't eat, unless it's with me.
Third, since he's not taking a pacifier, he uses his fingers; not his thumb, but all four of his fingers.  It's pretty cute to watch and I'm glad I don't have to worry about losing a pacifier to soothe him, but it does have consequences...namely all of the drool.  It tends to just pool under his chin, down his arm, and then onto his shirt.  I'm going to need to start putting him in bibs or something soon!
There are of course other changes as well; like wanting to stand, sit up, and only snuggle when really tired.  His constant stream of giggling and laughing.  He is also constantly making sounds.  He loves it when I sing and will often try to mimic sounds in the song.  His favorite song right now is "Give Said the Little Stream."  He loves to be read to, doesn't matter what (every morning I read the scriptures out loud to him while feeding and he loves it.)  He is escaping from his swaddle more often and rolling from his tummy to his back.
It's been so fun to see all these changes, exciting to see him develop new things, and yet sad knowing how quickly things are changing.  I just hope this little guy feels loved.  
I sure do tell him enough times in a day and I don't think I could possibly give him any more kisses!

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