Monday, September 10, 2012

Point Lobos

I absolutely love the Northern California coastline.
It's a perfect blend of ocean, rocky shore, beach, and mountain.
One of my favorite spots to visit in the bay area is Point Lobos, located about 10 minutes south of Monterey.  I have had the opportunity to take several of my friends who come to visit here, mostly during the springtime (read about one of those experiences here.)  While we were with the Whitt family in Monterey we were able to take a quick visit to Point Lobos State Reserve.  It was an overcast day (great for taking pictures, but not so great for hanging out along the water.)  It was a bit chilly for an outing at the ocean's shoreline.  We still had a blast, though, and the temperature did not detour from some crazy family memories!

Uncle Sam and cousin Ryan got some good snuggles in with a rather unimpressed little Daxton.  If he's not impressed with the ocean, I don't know what will impress him!  Ryan was sweet enough to help babysit Daxton (along with his little sister, Abby) while Dallas and I were in the temple sealing for Michael and Kristin's wedding.  Ryan also shares the same birthday as Dallas.  He's such a sweetheart and was so sweet to our little guy.
 The main purpose for our outing down to Point Lobos was to help our cousin Daniel cross a task off his bucket list.  Daniel will be leaving on his mission to Beleng, Brazil at the end of September and has always wanted to swim in the Pacific Ocean.  They are from Charlotte, North Carolina and have lots of experience with the Atlantic Ocean and were probably unaware at how much colder it is over on the west coast!  It didn't help that the temperature outside was already in the low 60's.  We dared them to swim out through a small lagoon and touch the rocks on the other side.  I have to give them props.  There's no way I would have jumped into a freezing ocean and swam through all that seaweed!

Daniel and Ryan getting used to the water and trying to prepare themselves for the swim...
 After their swim they tried to give their dad a hug...Uncle Sam barely escaped in time.
 Freezing after their cold adventure!
 We sure do love these guys!
Not only are they super fun, but they continue to be amazing examples to their friends and family.  I hope that Dallas and I will be able to raise little Daxton the way that Uncle Sam and Aunt Tracy have raised their children.
We LOVE Grandma Eva.
She's such a ball of energy and is incredibly fun-loving.
Dallas's mom, Elizabeth, is their oldest daughter.  She passed away 6 years ago, so Dallas loves every opportunity to spend with this side of the family.  I've loved being able to hear stories about Liz.  It makes me sad to think that Daxton and I will never get to meet her in this life, which is why I find it so important to get to know her through the memories of others. 

Dallas got the fun duty of snuggling with Daxton while all the craziness was going on.  He's such a sweet little boy.  He was so exhausted from our day at the aquarium, that he looked around for a few moments, snuggled his head up against his daddy, and fell right to sleep.  So sweet!

 The rest of the time was spent exploring the rocks along the shoreline.  There are some incredible hiking trails available but we were short on time this trip, plus Daxton was exhausted, so we stuck around the tide pools and rock formations.  Here are some of my favorite shots from the day's adventures...

Uncle Scott, Aunt Karen, and cousin Emily arrived after the polar swimming was finished.  They were able to join us while exploring the rocky coastline.

 After the couple days that we had had, with the wedding, reception, aquarium, and then Point Lobos, Daxton was tuckered out.  He didn't even wake up when we transferred him from the baby carrier to his car seat...poor guy.  I guess it was just too much fun packed into a two day time frame!
It was so great to see the Whitt side of the family.  I wish we all lived closer so that our visits could be more frequent than a couple years in between.  We are so happy for Michael and Kristin and their decision to get married for time and all eternity.  We are excited to welcome her into the family and can't wait to see everyone again!
Thanks again for the amazing weekend!
We love you all!

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