Monday, September 24, 2012

Rulon's Baptism and Olive's Baby Blessing

The weekend after Labor Day was a very special weekend for our family.  Our nephew, Rulon, chose to get baptized as a member of our church and our little niece, Olive, had her baby blessing.  
(If you'd like to read more about our religious practices of baptisms and baby blessings click on the link here.) 
My mom and dad, along with my sister-in-laws parents, flew into town for the special occasions.  It turned out to be a beautiful weekend with family.  Once again we feel so blessed to live so close to Erik and Heather.  We love them and their family so much and are so grateful to be able to share such incredible experiences.
Saturday morning we met up with everyone at Erik and Heather's house.  Daxton was VERY snuggly with grandpa.  He sat on his lap for over 30 minutes just giving him snuggles.  Grandpa says it was due to the vibrating battery in his chest, but I'm pretty sure Daxton just loves his grandpa!  While Grandpa was snuggling with Daxton, Grandma was with cute little Olive.  I love that they are so close in age.  Olive is such a little sweetheart and has such feminine little features.  You can tell grandma is in heaven.
After a busy morning of practicing music, getting the kids fed, dressed, and to the church, we attended Rulon's baptism in the early afternoon.  We are so proud of Rulon and his decision to be baptized.  Grandpa Adams gave a beautiful talk.  Grandma, Ellis, and I sang a song while Lincoln played the piano and Dallas was asked to give the closing prayer.  Rulon was so excited and when asked how he felt after all he had to say was one word...happy.
We sure do love him!
Our cousins, Greg and Heidi, were also able to come and support Rulon.  Heidi got some snuggle time with Daxton.  He loved it although his face looks a little shifty in this picture.  We always have so much fun with them.  We wish schedules were less hectic to be able to see them more often!
After the baptism, we all went over to Erik and Heather's house for a pizza party.  After Daxton's nap, he was in a much better mood to play with his cousins.  It is pretty funny to try and pose Daxton and Olive for pictures.  Neither of them have super control over their arms quite yet, so it's a battle to make sure they don't hit each other in the face.  They sure are cute together though!
As we were taking pictures of Dax and Olive, Will and Rulon wanted to join in the fun.  These pictures melt my heart!  I love knowing that Daxton will have such great cousins around while he grows up.
Crazy faces!
At some point during all the craziness, Grandpa needed to escape for a quick nap.  What I love is that Will snuck out and put his lion stuffed animal on Grandpa's lap.  I asked him why he did that and he told me that the lion was sleepy too...gotta love little kids!
Another thing that melts my heart is watching my brother, Erik, interact with little Daxton.  He is so sweet with him and Daxton LOVES all the crazy faces Erik makes at him.  He layed there next to uncle Erik for over a half hour just watching football and playing with him.  It was so sweet.  You can easily tell by how his kids love to be around him that Erik's an amazing father.
The next morning we all went to Erik and Heather's ward for the baby blessing and Rulon's confirmation.  Erik gave two beautiful blessings and all the kids looked absolutely gorgeous.
Love the different facial expressions of Will!

The proud grandparents
Rulon and Olive, we love you both so much.
Thank you for letting us help celebrate such a beautiful weekend with you all.  We are so proud of you both and are so excited to be your aunt and uncle!

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