Friday, October 5, 2012

Lunch Date with Lisa

Now that we are back from our trip to Chicago, I am quickly realizing that I will be doing catch up on the blog for the next few days.  Hopefully I can get caught up with all of our adventures before my New Zealand girls come to town for their annual visit.
Speaking of my New Zealand girls, a few days before our trip, I was able to go on another outing with my NZ roomie, Lisa.  We met up in Walnut Creek for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.  Her little girl, Maddie, was her usual smiley self.  I absolutely love getting together with Lisa and Maddie.  It is evident in the happy personality of little Maddie that she is very similar to her sweet mother.  They both know exactly how to brighten my day, just look at that smile!
After lunch, we walked around several different stores.  Walnut Creek has an amazing outdoor shopping center in the downtown area.  It was mostly just a chance for us to walk and talk while watching the little ones interact with each other.  From the picture below you can tell how much they like one another.
My boy's quite the flirt already!
While walking through the different shops, we found a fun fountain, also used as a wishing well.  The kids were very interested and loved sticking their feet and hands in the water.
Lisa and Maddie giving each other snuggles after playing in the fountain.
Since we were hanging out with Lisa, I couldn't help but dress little Daxton in his All Blacks jersey.  We loved watching rugby games while we lived in New Zealand, the All Blacks being the most amazing all star team.  Everyone played rugby.  Rugby is to New Zealand as Football is to the United States.  My favorite player...Daniel Carter :)
Our last store we shopped at was Children's Place.  
They had the most adorable clothes.  I am realizing that I do not shop for myself anymore.  It's much more fun to shop for cute little boy outfits.  They were having a sale so I found a couple new church outfits, a couple pairs of shorts and shirts, but I had to draw the line at buying this adorable fedora.  As much as I LOVE how stinkin' cute he is in it, when would I ever really have him wear a fedora?
He's such a smiley, patient boy with his momma.
Oh how I love my little man!

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  1. What? You didn't buy the fedora???? You don't need a reason to have Daxton wear a fedora. You just put it on his cute head and the reasons appear :D He looks so adorable! You are a good mama!



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