Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Illinois Trip: Traveling Home

We have decided that we have an angel baby.
True, there are times when he wants to wake up in the middle of the night, but that happens few and far between (really only happened while we were traveling.)  He rarely cries.  When he's angry he will usually give us the stink eye before he resorts to crying.  He has such a pleasant disposition and a very predictable routine.  To be honest, it's probably due to the countless prayers in behalf of our little man and mom's sanity, but whatever the case we are truly blessed with this little guy!
Mom and Dad dropped us off at the airport and continued on their road trip north through Canada and then back home.  It was so much fun to get them to ourselves and spend such quality time with them.  I know Daxton LOVED his grandma and grandpa time and is already missing them.  
While at Navy Pier the previous day, we had found a perfect souvenir for our little guy.  He's been mesmerized by Yo Gabba Gabba lately.  He doesn't watch the show more than 5 minutes here or there, but he loves the music, so when we saw Brobee in the store we couldn't resist. Thank heavens we bought him for the trip home!  This little toy definitely came in handy...

Thanks to Virgin America and their purple nightclub lighting, Daxton was soothed to sleep.  He was an absolute doll!  He fed on our take off to help with his ears popping and then proceeded to sleep the rest of the flight.  I loved all of the extra snuggles I got from my little man.  I also love that Virgin America airplanes now have baby changing tables in the bathrooms!  It made things so much easier.  He woke again as we started to descend to eat and then happily chewed on Brobee.  I do love that Brobee!  After we landed we had several people comment on what a jewel he was to have on the plane.  
Yeah I'm a bragging momma right now...just watch, he'll be a total stinker on the flights next month!
After landing at SFO, we still had an hour BART ride in the middle of peak commuter times.  Thankfully he was a sweetheart on the BART.  He hated the tunnel going under the Bay, but once we were above ground he was great and loved looking at all the different people surrounding him.
I have to say, that for our first trip, he did pretty much amazing!

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