Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Zealand Reunion: Golden Gate Park

Day 2 continues...
After visiting Lombard Street, Palace of Fine Arts, Golden Gate Bridge, and then Fort Point it was already passed 5pm by the time we reached Golden Gate Park.  We had wanted to do pedal boating at Stowe lake and then go on the Children's carousel, but both were closed by the time we found parking and made our way down to the locations.  We ended up rescheduling out pedal boating experience to the following day and then hanging out at the park to let the kids play ("kids" being Maddie and Auka.)  The sun had gone back behind the clouds, so our Arizona Ashley needed a bit more than just her jacket to keep her warm...enter...the snuggie!
While I was feeding little Daxton, everyone else had some fun on the playground.
It was pretty funny to see a large Tongan man trying to play on the different toys.  His long legs made things a bit more difficult to maneuver!
I love watching how happy Maddie always is.  We were joking at the fact that even when she is mad and crying, she still smiles.  What a sweet heart!
There are several reasons why I love Lisa, but one of them is that she doesn't mind looking at my son's poop.  He had been pretty fussy while breast feeding the past couple days and after talking with a few other people, including my doctor, we realized that even though he was nursing and eating solids, he was probably dehydrated.  This began the long process of trying to train him to take a bottle of formula since my body wasn't producing enough milk for him (we started this the last day the girls were in town.)  The story continues though, because someone had thrown the poopy diaper in the recycling bin instead of the garbage.  Katy jumped in to save the day by retrieving the diaper (while wearing Heather's jacket).  Heather was super happy about it!

Auka was so sweet with Daxton and Maddie.  He would often sneak off to play with the kids, offer to hold them and keep them warm, or would make faces at them while they were in their strollers.  It was great to see what a wonderful father he's going to be and Daxton LOVED the additional attention.
Daxton's new buddy

I realize his face doesn't show it, but he really does love little Maddie.  He will sit and watch her forever.  She loves to give him hugs and kisses as well, which is pretty cute!

It was a pretty fun time at the park!

This is a bad picture of me, but I do like how you can see the resemblance...he really is my son isn't he?
After hanging out in Golden Gate Park, we picked up Dallas from work, drove to Oakland where we picked up yummy Zachary's pizza, brought it back to our apartment, and everyone enjoyed a great dinner.
Not too bad for Day 2 of our adventures!

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