Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Zealand Reunion: Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf

Day 3 continued...

I sure do love these girls!
(L to R: Ari, Katy, Me, Heather, Lisa, and Ashley)
After our cruise through the bay we decided to explore Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, and then continue along Embarcadero down to Ghirardelli Square.  We of course had to start our adventure by eating yummy crepes at Pier 39 which is where I took these adorable pictures of Ari and her little Daxton.
I love wondering through Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf.  There is always something new to see, whether it is different street performers, new fun toys to play with, or tourists and locals to watch.  It was even more fun this time, since we had three babies as well.  There is something so special with watching your child experience something for the first time.  
Maddie LOVED the bubbles...
The street was alive with interesting music and talents from different locals.  We especially liked watching the spray paint artists.
And of course, the silver man is always a hit!
We also made sure to check out the sourdough at Boudin Bakery.  They have an observation window that you can ask questions to the baker as they are creating different shapes with the dough.  We watched as she made Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  I also love that the factory pumps out fresh sourdough air into the streets. 
We ended up coming back to the Boudin Bakery for dinner where they have a yummy restaurant on the top floor of their factory.  While we waited we checked out their sourdough museum...thus the massive bread below that we did NOT actually eat.
Fisherman's Wharf is just down the street from the Boudin Bakery.  Auka was very excited to have fresh fish.  Being from Tonga where they eat fish and often eat it raw, he had been missing his home's food.  He ended up eating raw calimari as a 'yummy' snack.
Daxton was amazing the whole day.
As long as someone was making a face at him, he would giggle and smile.  He was pretty mesmerized by all the different sights, smells, and sounds of the city.  He especially loved walking near trees and watching the leaves blow in the wind.  I love to see his eyes sparkle when he gets fixated on different objects.
His new favorite toy...that plastic turtle.
He sits there and bites that turtle's head over and over and over. 
Another classic experience of San Francisco is the "Bushman."  A local man has made quite the lucrative life sitting on a small crate along the streets around Pier 39.  With only a few branches to shield him, he yells at people, scaring them as they walk by.  Oddly enough, he makes a lot of money by doing this.  I can honestly say that I've never been the recipient of such a famous scare (since I'm usually the tour guide with guests in tow) until this adventure.  Ari and I were at the back of our group totally engrossed in a conversation when suddenly the Bushman struck.  I literally lept a few feet off the ground while Ari, on the other hand, may have wet herself a bit...
Gotta love that Bushman!
On our way towards Ghirardelli Square, Auka and Katy took a quick break to get a classic souvenir...
 By the time we reached Ghirardelli Square the sun had started to set, which brought in the chill.  We were super happy to warm up by the outside fire pit with yummy hot chocolate.
Warming up by the fire...

It was so much fun to watch Daxton react to the flames...I think we may have a pyro on our hands.  He was quite the happy baby.
I am so in love with these two Giants!
Don't you love those CRAZY facial expressions!?
Yes, he is truly my son. 
My heart melts when I watch these two interact.
Overall it was an incredible day.
I love these girls so much and count myself so blessed to have such amazing friends.
I'd say Day 3 was a success!

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