Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Illinois Trip: Architecture Tour

Our time in Chicago, unfortunately, was very brief.
We had two full days to see as much as we could before needing to fly home and back to reality.  If you've been to Chicago you know there is no way to see everything in a two-day time span, so we had to pack in as much fun as we could (while trying to appease a 6 month old...)  It was quite the experience!
Our first adventure was an architecture tour along the rivers of Chicago.  It was absolutely fascinating hearing about the history and design behind so many of the buildings.  I was amazed at the diversity and contrasting colors...made for perfect picture opportunities!
Daxton wasn't quite sure what to make of everything.
There were so many people to look at, trees and leaves to look at, and the endless water... he was pretty much transfixed for a good portion of the beginning.

(I love the constant drool drip coming from his chin)

Quickly into the tour, Daxton got a little fussy (it was right in the middle of his nap time.)  Dallas, being the AMAZING husband and father that he is, took him below, strapped him in the baby carrier and then stood outside at the front of the boat where Daxton fell asleep against daddy's chest.  He slept there for the remaining hour of the tour.  He loves his daddy!
The tour traveled down the three main canals circling through the city.  Our tour guide was pretty amazing.  She knew so much and continually gave us information for the entire 1.5 hour tour.  Unfortunately the only seats we could find together happened to be right next to the speaker, so we tended to wish that she wouldn't have talked as much, but it was still a pretty cool experience.
We went under several different bridges connecting Chicago.  It was so beautiful seeing how everything was tied together.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from our adventure...

Our guide called one area the "Money Shot" so of course my parents were patient enough to pose for it.

Chicago truly is a uniquely beautiful city.

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