Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sleeping Like a Tiger

I used to be a huge Halloween fan, but I have to admit that my passion for it has greatly died down over the past few years.  Maybe it was the exhaustion from my single days where there would be four-five costume parties scheduled throughout that last week leading up to the actual holiday and I felt pressured to think of a new costume for each one...
Or maybe it was my years of teaching and needing to 'best' my costume from the previous year.
I've had so many different costumes over the years, loved all the glitter and frills, loved the use of my creativity, but for some reason I just felt tired this year.
Even so, when I saw these adorable PJs at Target at the beginning of the month, I couldn't help but get them for Daxton.  And since he looked so stinkin' cute in them, why not take a million pictures of him smiling and laughing at the camera??
I think I've trained him pretty well, because he is quite the performer in front of the lens now.
Another reason why I adore him!

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