Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Zealand Reunion: Pedal Boating at Stowe Lake

(Bottom Row L to R: Dallas, Daxton, Lisa, Maddie, Ari, Daxton.  Middle Row L to R: Me, Katy, Ashley, Heather.  Top: Auka)

Day 3...
Our third day together fell on a Saturday, so Dallas got to join us instead of having to work.  It was a huge help for me, since Daxton was needing to make a transition to bottle feeding to help give him the nourishment he was missing from me.  We also got to meet up with Ari.  She was Lisa and I's roommate while we lived in New Zealand and now lives in Modesto with her husband and three boys.  She just barely had her third and named him Daxton as well, so it was a lot of fun to have our Daxton's finally meet each other.  I'm sure they are going to be best friends soon!

Since we had missed pedal boating by a few minutes the day before, we decided to come back the following day in the morning before the crowds.  As we entered San Francisco there was a thick fog rolling over the city, which made for some eery pictures along Stowe Lake.  The temperature wasn't too bad though, in the high 60s, so we were able to be find with sweatshirts and jackets.
We decided it'd be best to put all the babies into one boat in case we needed to go back to shore for an emergency.  So Katy, Heather, Ashley, and Auka rode in one boat, while Dallas, Daxton, Lisa, Maddie, Ari, Daxton, and I all rode in the tother boat.
So many babies!!
Goofing off in the baby boat above...
Relaxing without babies below.
Stowe Lake was something I had never done before, so I was pretty excited to be able to count another thing off my bucket list of things to do in San Francisco.  Because of the weather there weren't many people out on the water, so it was absolutely gorgeous and peaceful.
Daxton got a little restless about halfway through.  He was pretty hungry and wasn't feeding well from me, which made for a rather long trip back to shore by the end.  At least he was sweet for the pictures though!

Reenacting a little Titanic hoping our boat won't sink...
"I'm Flying..."
There is a gorgeous Chinese pavilion along Stowe Lake that I fell in love with.  I'd love to go back there and walk along the footpath.  Daxton would love the views from his stroller, so maybe we'll do that in the next few days...
The colors were gorgeous with the lake, boat, and cloudy sky.
Ashley, Heather, Katy, and Auka

Lisa, Maddie, Ari, Daxton, Me, Daxton, and Dallas
(Yes, I am breast feeding at this was quite the adventure!)
Instagramming our adventure pedal boating...
In the middle of the lake was a little island that hundreds of birds were perched on.  It was amazing to watch them all interact and then fly with each other.
We only rented the boats for an hour, so it felt like a quick trip.
Heading back to shore...
Pedal boating at Stowe Lake in Golden Gate Park was a perfect way to start our adventures on Day 3!

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