Monday, October 29, 2012

New Zealand Reunion: Muir Woods

 Our final day together fell on a Sunday.
Those that were staying at my house came with Dallas, Daxton, and I to our church meetings while those staying with Lisa attended church down in Dublin.  We all met up around noon to head north/west to Muir Woods.  Muir Woods is a gorgeous redwood park about 30 minutes north of San Francisco, close to Sausalito.  Although I have to admit that after visiting the Avenue of the Giants over the summer Muir Woods felt pretty small.  It was still very beautiful and the perfect relaxing way to end our reunion together.  Dallas ended up staying home with Daxton (beginning our drama of trying to get Daxton to take a formula bottle) while I took off with my girls to Muir Woods.
 Parking was INSANE and we ended up having to circle the tiny parking lot several times before we were able to find anything.  When we finally found a spot, Heather and I then had to trek through the woods to find the entrance.  We found some gorgeous trees along the way.

 The park was pretty packed so we decided to wait outside by the entrance for the rest of our group.
Here are some of my favorite shots from our afternoon in Muir Woods.  Thanks again, everyone, for indulging me with all the photos!!

Entering the Redwoods

 After exploring Muir Woods, we headed down towards the Oakland Airport for their evening flights.  We stopped in Emeryville to get one last look at the beauty of San Francisco and then enjoyed a yummy dinner at the Elephant Bar before dropping everyone off at the airport.

One last look across the bay...
I truly feel blessed to have amazing friends.
I love that I live in such a fun area, that those amazing friends want to come out to visit year after year.  I'm already thinking of the new and adventurous ideas for next year!
I love you girls so much!
Thanks again for an amazing few days!

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