Monday, October 8, 2012

Illinois Trip: An Explosive Beginning

As I mentioned in the previous post, "All Our Bags Are Packed...", we recently took a trip to Chicago/Nauvoo, Illinois.  It was a very packed week with a lot of traveling involved, especially with our little guy in tow, but we had a blast.  These next few posts are going to be dedicated to our journey...
After flying into Chicago late Thursday evening, we were met by my parents and spent the night at a hotel near the airport.  My parents had embarked on a three week road trip from Washington through the Northern states to Illinois and then back up through Canada on their way home.  Our week together hit right in the middle of their trip.  After we got settled into our hotel, Daxton was such a trooper and went right to sleep after having a chaotic day of traveling.  The next morning our plan was to check out of the hotel and start the four hour drive from Chicago to Nauvoo where Dallas' grandparents are serving a mission for our church.  With mom and dad's extensive travel and all of our luggage (two adults, baby, and all the baby gear...crib, stroller, etc) it was quite the packed Tahoe.  Right as they were finishing the last tetris piece with all of our luggage, there came a loud popping sound and then a billowing puff of white cloud started to immerge from in between bags.  We quickly jumped out to figure out what could have exploded.  In the very back corner Dad had kept a small fire extinguisher in case of emergencies and one of the suitcases had jammed next to it, pushing the release valve free.  In a matter of seconds the entire back trunk and seats were covered in a thin layer of white powder.  After having unloaded all of the luggage, we found that the damage was too extensive to simply brush the powder out of the trunk.  We loaded up all the bags onto the hotel's luggage cart and pushed it all back into the lobby where mom and I waited.  Dad and Dallas had to take the Tahoe to a cleaner's where they vacuumed and detailed the remaining film from the extinguisher.  In the meantime, little Daxton slept quietly in his car seat totally unaware of the craziness around him.  What a blessing to have such a sweetheart for our son!
It was quite the adventure and a pretty funny way to start our journey!

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