Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Zealand Reunion: Palace of Fine Arts

If you're a frequent reader to my blog,  you'll know that the Palace of Fine Arts is one of my favorite places in San Francisco.  In previous posts I have mentioned the history and different facts about the actual structure, so for now I will just stick to pictures and a recount of our fun reunion together.

Day 2 of our New Zealand reunion was a fun-filled day in San Francisco.  Auka had never been to the city so we hit some new and old sights.  Ashley, Heather, Daxton, and I rode in one car while Lisa, Maddie, Auka, and Katy rode in another.  We lucked out being able to find parking together at each location.  And there were only a few cases of one or both of us getting lost in-between.
(L to R: Heather, Lisa, Katy and baby bump, Me, Daxton, Ashley)
As you can tell from the pictures, my little man had just woken from a nap in the car, so he was more confused than anything.  Maddie, on the other hand, was her usual cheery self.

We were taking pictures of everyone and somehow if kind of turned into a Katy/Auka/Mafa Jo photo shoot.  We were so impressed with Auka and how affectionate he was with Katy.  It was so fun to see them interact together.  They're going to be amazing parents; so much fun and full of life!
The weather in San Francisco was pretty interesting.
It was overcast, but instead of rain it felt like you were walking through a dense cloud.  The humidity was super strong and we were all pretty soaked after being outside for a few minutes.  The temperature wasn't too bad though, just felt really muggy.  The benefit of this weather though...seeing Daxton's curls start to form. I've been hoping his hair would turn more like his daddy's.  I've always been in love with Dallas's thick curls.  So when Daxton's little tuft of hair on the crown of his head started to form a tight curl, I couldn't help but get excited.
My little man's a flirt.
I should have expected this since he's always cooed and awed at the ladies, but this weekend made everything more obvious.  I especially think he's a sucker for blondes.  Needless to say he LOVED Ashley.  He loved all the extra attention from her, loved snuggling and smiling at her.  He was a very happy baby to say the least!
We decided to have a picnic while at the Palace of Fine Arts.  Even though it was very humid outside, it was still fairly warm, so we decided to eat, talk, and walk around the massive columns and arches.  Daxton continued to love all of the attention.  He had fun holding hands with Heather, watching Maddie eat, and watching Auka split an apple in half with his bare hands...the talents they form in Tonga!
While Ashley, Heather, and I were taking care of little Daxton, Katy, Auka, Lisa, and Maddie went to check out Lombard street since Auka had never seen it before.  It was so fun to take someone around the city who had never seen the sights.  
From there we headed to Fort Point...

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