Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Our church has a tradition of doing a Trunk-Or-Treat for all of the kids in our ward (congregation).  Instead of having everyone Trick-Or-Treat to neighborhood houses everyone fills the parking lot, opens their decorated trunks, and then hands out candy to Trick-Or-Treaters.  Not only is it much safer, since you're only taking candy from people you know, not having to walk on poorly lit streets, or risking knocking on strangers homes, BUT it's much easier on the parents who only have to worry about making one major stop for the holiday instead of a hundred different houses.  I think the whole idea is pretty ingenious, for whoever came up with it first!
After the Trunk-Or-Treating, there was a big party with food, games, and several bouncy houses for the kids to go crazy in.  Since Daxton is way too young to really enjoy Halloween yet, we ended up not arriving until after the Trick-Or-Treating was finished.  We definitely didn't need the extra candy in the house and we also didn't want to wake Daxton from his nap in order to make it on time.
He was an especially cute Monkey for the occasion, courtesy of Old Navy, and often got distracted by the obnoxious banana sticking out of his pocket.  Since I was holding him most of the evening I didn't get the chance to take many pictures.  I'll have to do a little photoshoot with him after the holidays and in better lighting...I'm sure he'll love putting the costume on again!

 The Demary's were the only family I managed to get pictures of, Super Woman, Batman, and Ironman.  Talk about a 'Super' family!
Daxton did great, although his deer in head light look never really left his face.  It was quite a bit for him to take in and he was very eager to go back to sleep.

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