Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Illinois Trip: Willis (Sears) Tower

Our last stop of the day was at the Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower.)  It is the tallest building in Chicago and has incredible 360 degree views of the city, rivers, and lake.  Traveling up to the 103 floor was a bit hard on the little man.  He doesn't take a bottle and I wasn't about to nurse him in the elevator, so his little ears took awhile to pop.  Once we reached the top, he was lulled back to sleep in his stroller, thus the reason why you won't see him in any of these pictures.  Didn't want to wake the dragon after our last modeling shoot in front of the Bean.
The cool thing about the observation floor is that there are four different ledges you can walk out on to help you see the ground.  With plexiglass on all sides, it was pretty scary taking that first step out to look down.  In the above pictures you can see the four different ledges on the upper left side of the Willis Tower.
Views from the top

Braving the ledge

As you can see, Dallas wasn't quite as scared as I was.  He even wanted to do a jumping picture, which ended up blurry so I'm not going to post it.  I sure do love him and his patience for so many pictures!

After having a jammed first day of the architecture tour, Millennium Park, and then Willis Tower, we were all pretty exhausted.  We went out to eat, then back to the hotel where we all crashed...except for Daxton.  He was making sure that we remembered we had brought a 6 month old on our travels.  So sweet of him!

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  1. I would have a desire to just start crawling if I was on one of those ledges. I don't think I could just sit there like Dallas - SCARY! I'm pretty sure you would have made me do a jumping picture, and then I would have probably peed my pants. :)


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