Monday, October 29, 2012

Flashback Friday: Disneyland...Traynor Style

I have been pretty busy lately and have fallen short on my Flashback Friday posts, but now that I am slowly catching up from my travels and visitors, I figured I would post a quick Flashback to April 2005...
I love Disneyland.
I have mentioned in previous posts about my love for this magical kingdom, but it might shock you that I don't remember visiting as a child.  I know that my parents took my older brothers and I when I was a few months old and then again when I was 7 or 8?  The only reason I know this is because there are a couple pictures to provide evidence, since my fleeting memory is becoming worse with age and gray hair.
Most of my experience traveling to Disneyland was during my college years at BYU and post college while teaching in Provo.  Maybe I had the "Peter Pan" complex, not wanting to grow up, or more likely...Disneyland is and will continue to be full of magic that touches the child in each of us.  Whatever the case, I did not truly know the ins and outs until I visited with the Traynors.
I had the privilege of getting to know both Annie and her brother, Will, while living at the Devonshire apartments in Provo, UT.  Annie easily became one of my absolute favorite roommates throughout the year we lived together.  She was such an incredible example of Christlike love and devotion.  She was constantly looking for ways to serve those around her, be involved with her church and school obligations, and yet always willing to have a great time with her rather immature roommate.  
One weekend we decided to take off on a spontaneous road trip to Southern California to visit her brother, Will.  Will was a good friend as well and after graduating from BYU, had been accepted to dental school at UCLA.  That weekend we had an absolute blast!  Will set us up with a place to stay at a families house in his ward, took us to Santa Monica Pier, the temple, shopping, and my favorite...Disneyland.  I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable brother sister combo!
I remember the morning we were headed to spend the day at Disneyland, Annie told me I HAD to wear tennis shoes.  That the Traynors had a special way of experiencing both Disneyland and California Adventures and that I needed to be prepared.  That was an understatement!  The second we stepped into the park both Will and Annie calculated a plan as to what rides to hit first, showed me the ins and outs of the famous Fast Pass, and we were off.
In one day, we were able to hit every ride in both Disneyland and California Adventures; many of them several times.  Needless to say it was quite the experience and I haven't been the same since!
I think I have part "Traynor" in me, because I loved the efficiency and planning that went into our experience.  
And yes...I have brought what they taught me to each of my trips since...
And yes...Dallas teases me each time.
 I was so excited to see Minnie Mouse, but wasn't about to waste valuable time waiting in a line to take pictures with we got creative.
 In front of Sleeping Beauty's castle

On our way through Adventure Land
 Climbing through Tarzan's treehouse and our favorite...Indiana Jones!
 It was funny to find these pictures below with Annie posing in front of Club 33.  I remember hearing about the secretive members only club and when we found it we were so excited.  We tried to see if we could look in, waited and watched for people to was all so mysterious.  Which is why, when Dallas came home and said he had made reservations for us at Club 33 while we were at Disneyland, I could barely contain myself.  He, of course, had NO clue why I was so excited.
(You can read about that experience here.)

 We may or may not have been VERY excited to see Winnie the Pooh, Eyore, and Piglet...

The BEST place to act like little children!

My Favorite

We didn't stop to take too many pictures in California Adventures...we were too busy riding on all the rides, but I was able to snap a couple as we were running from ride to ride.
 A for Annie

We had each gotten Park Hopper passes, so we jumped back and forth between the parks throughout the day, depending on how populated certain areas were...thank goodness Annie had told me to wear tennis shoes!  Talk about squeezing in as much as possible!

My favorite place Will and Annie took me to, though, wasn't a ride.  It is hidden on the right hand side of the castle...the Snow White wishing well.  It figures that Annie would know where the Snow White wishing well was.  Snow White is her favorite princess after all.  We made our own private wishes that night.  It has now become a tradition of mine.  Every time I visit Disneyland, right before exiting the park, I circle my way back to the Snow White wishing well.  There I wished for my heart to heal, to find the love of my life, and it was there I pleaded for little Daxton to join our family.  That's three for three as far as wishing is concerned.
I told you Disneyland was full of magic.


  1. Aahhh! We are going to Disneyland on Friday and this post made me even more excited to go! I wish you were coming with us!

  2. You are so sweet to write such nice things and I love all my memories from that trip. Traynors don't mess around when it comes to Disneyland and now Kirsten doesn't either! Love you!!!


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