Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Zealand Reunion: Fort Point

Day 2 continues...
I was shocked when I found out that I had never taken Katy and Heather to Fort Point.  This was their fifth year could I not have taken them here??
Fort point in situated directly under the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was one of three fortresses built to protect the bay back in the 1800s.  It is one point of three parts to a triangle (fort point on the south end, another fort on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge, and then Alcatraz Island.)
When we arrived in the city that morning, I was pretty sad that clouds covered most of the bridge.  The views were very minimal and so many of our activities planned for that day revolved around good weather.  When we arrived at Fort Point we lucked out with the clouds slowly parting for most of the time that we were visiting.  It was pretty amazing all we were able to see: great views of the bridge, starfish off the shore, and several dolphin feeding of the coastline.  It is rare to see so many dolphin in the bay, so we were VERY excited.

Standing in the Fort Point parking lot, looking back to the bridge and bay.
Cute Ashley!

Lisa's husband, Luke was out of town at a friends wedding, so we had to take a few fun pictures of Lisa to send to Luke!
Instagramming Golden Gate Bridge

I love the different views from Fort Point.
It gives you an amazing perspective of the bridge and helps you realize how small you really are.  I'm still amazed at how they were able to construct the GGBridge back in the day.
I am madly in love with the endless arches found throughout Fort Point.  The color of the faded brick along with the new growth make for some incredible pictures.
Obviously the Fort was used to protect the bay, so it needed to be fortified with weapons and housing for soldiers.  I can't imagine having to live here, as cool as it is, with the freezing wind circling through.
The spiral staircases will always be my favorite at Fort Point.
The one downside to Fort Point is that it is not wheel chair accessible and since we had two sleeping babies in strollers by the time we arrived, I volunteered to stay behind while everyone explored.  I didn't mind considering I had been so many times, so I gave my camera to the girls for their adventure.  It was pretty fun to see what pictures they brought back!

If you haven't had the chance to visit Fort Point yet, you have to make it a priority while visiting San Francisco.  It is pretty windy considering it's placed in the middle of a wind tunnel, but it gives incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge, ocean, bay, and marina coastlines.

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