Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Illinois Trip: Millennium Park

After the architecture tour along the river, we decided to make our way to Millennium Park.  The park takes up several blocks of Chicago and holds several different statues, fountains, and performance venues.  I was most excited about finding the Cloudgate statue (aka The Bean.)  I had seen it in several different movies and pictures and had never seen anything like it before.
The obvious resemblance gives the nickname The Bean.
It is made of several steel panels seamlessly put together and has the Chicago skyline reflected in it's surface.  It is seriously one of the coolest things I have ever seen and is only found in the 'Windy City.'

We woke Daxton up a little early from his nap so we could get some family pictures.  He found it pretty confusing then interesting after awhile.  Looking close up on the surface there are several fingerprints from thousands of visitors, so needless to say I tried my hardest to make sure it was just his toes touching the bean, not his fingers...yes the overprotective mother does not want her child licking the statue like I saw other children doing!
Flying high in the sky with only a trail of drool behind him...

Family photo for instagram
Love how you can see both my parents in the reflection as well.
The inside of the bean was the most amazing.
It took me back to my fourth grade teaching days and I immediately wanted to find all the different reflective patterns within the surface.  I couldn't help but think of what a great math lesson it would be.
Can you find Daxton and I in the middle of the reflection?

Pretty trippy to look straight up into the center...
Love that drooly face!
Daxton was very spoiled with one on one grandma and grandpa time.  We were so lucky to have them along this entire trip.  Talk about spoiling us!!

Mom and I are so alike that we even ended up wearing the exact same thing this day...totally unplanned!
Easily one of the coolest things I've seen in awhile...
gotta love that Bean.

Another cool statue/fountain that we found in Millennium Park had two giant monoliths at either side of a long rectangular infinity pool.  On the two sides face each other were projected several different faces of various people who made up Chicago's population.  It was a video projection so the face would smile, lawn, and then blow water out of it's mouth.  About every 15-30 minutes another face would be projected.  It was a pretty funny concept, but also, something I had never seen before.  Like I said, Chicago is very unique.

As I was waiting for Dallas, I caught this picture of my mom and dad.  I love how they love each other.

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