Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bringing in a New Year...

I literally can not believe that it is already May!
Where have the last few months gone?
For the one or two constant readers of our family blog...namely my parents...I have been terrible at keeping up on the craziness of our lives.  As our adventures kept piling up, the idea of blogging about all of them became more and more daunting.  I am now sitting down, with a cold Diet Coke Lime in hand, to tackle these last few months of life here for our posterities sake.  Moving here has been such an incredible adventure and I would hate to miss any of these amazing experiences!

I will start where I left off...
At New Years!
I was really nervous when we chose to move so far from family and friends.  I had made some of the most incredible relationships in the Bay area that I knew could never be replicated.  As with any type of change it can be intimidating and scary at first, but it forces you to grow on an entirely new level.  In the process of the past few months of living in South Florida, we have been blessed with meeting incredible people; two families in particular have blessed our lives immeasurably already: The Bradford family and the Solano family.

For New Years we all thought it would be fun to get together and celebrate, plus anyone who knows me knows my love for throwing parties!  Dallas was a sweetheart and helped by blowing up a ton of balloons, tied them together, and then pinned them throughout the downstairs of our home.  The leftover balloons we threw into Daxton's playroom which turned into a massive balloon soccer-squealing game during the party.  We of course had lots of yummy treats which were spread throughout our home as well.  I am so in love with our kitchen table!  It fits so many people around it and is absolutely beautiful.    
(Shows you how long ago this took place, just by looking at Daxton's hair length!)

I had a blast coming up with several games for us all to play.  I used some ideas from the TV show "Hollywood Game Night", but most were the classics like charades, name that tune, and Murder (which the older kids got a kick out of.)
Around 10pm Daxton "lost it" and basically begged for us to put him to bed.  He went right to sleep and even slept through all the fireworks and screaming when it turned midnight.  That kid values his sleep!
Little Julian was in the best mood all night and even stayed up til after the ball dropped!  Unlike James (above picture) who crashed around 11pm and slept through the screaming and all his siblings jumping on him.  Adam had to carry him out to the car after the festivities because he was still sleeping!
I can't say enough about the Bradford family!
They are so much fun to be around and have been such a blessing in our lives here.  Their oldest son, Noah, is our go-to babysitter and is hilarious.  When the Solanos didn't know what twerking was, he jumped up to lead a demonstration! 
Above picture:  The Bradford Family
(L to R) sleeping James, Adam, Isaac (yes Isaac is sitting on top of James and he still didn't wake up!) Tiffany, Noah, and Lucy.

Below top left picture: Solano Family
(L to R) Tatiana, Alex, Julian, Danny, and Aiden.
The Solano family is also amazing!
Alex is probably the most welcoming person I have ever met.  My first week attending our ward at church, she came up to me, got my phone number, and planned a play date for Julian and Daxton.  She has been such a blessing in my life and has helped make the transition to South Florida so much easier.
After all the yummy food and hours of fun games, we watched the ball drop.  We heard fireworks going on outside so we ran out to watch them for a bit as well.  The kids got a kick out of all the noise makers I had gotten.  It was such a fun night and a perfect indicator that our lives were going to be full of wonderful memories, great people, and fun adventures throughout our time here in South Florida!
The whole gang (except for a sleeping Daxton.)

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