Thursday, May 29, 2014

Janelle's Visit: Fort Lauderdale Beach

After spending such a crazy girls weekend up in Orlando, both Janelle and I were very glad to spend our next couple days of Janelle's visit relaxing!  Daxton and I showed Janelle how we do "Beach Days."  We set up our beach tent, umbrella, chairs, sand toys, blankets, cooler, and lots of sunscreen and settled in for the day.  We ended up spending over 6 hours playing in the sand, sun, and waves and had a BLAST doing so.  There was a bit more sea weed along the edge of the beach than I prefer, but the temperature was perfect and the light breeze was heavenly.  We also found a fun sand bar that went out into the ocean quite aways, so Daxton was able to play safely in the water with minimal waves.  We were all in heaven!!

Our beach camp

Cheesy curly haired beach bum!

Daxton loved having Auntie Nellie to play with.  She was so patient with him and built sand castles for over an hour.  He couldn't have been happier!

We were sitting next to a really sweet Latin family with a couple small kids that Daxton became buddies with.  Their grandpa had brought a kite for them all to play with and they let Daxton have a few turns flying it as well.  He became best buddies with their grandpa and even gave him a hug goodbye when they left.  It was pretty cute!  I love how kind everyone is down here.

Flying kites

"Flat Katrina" joined us in the sun and sand.  Daxton was pretty funny trying to play with her all the time.  She definitely got some love while she was with us!

We left around 3 in the afternoon after arriving that morning.  We were covered from head to toe in sand, sunscreen, water, and smiles!  I love living so close to the beach.  It still amazes me how beautiful of an area we live in.  

I feel so incredibly blessed to call this home!

I wish I could put into words how wonderful it was to have Janelle visit us for a week.  Her friendship means the world to me and I wish there was some way to live closer to each other (or a quicker cheaper way of visiting!)  It meant the world that she would come all this way and go on so many fun adventures while she was here. I love her to pieces and am already planning for the next time she comes...Florida Keys and swimming with dolphins!!??
Love you so much, Janelle!
Thanks again for the fun week!

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