Monday, May 26, 2014

Janelle Visits: Water Taxi and Feeding Giant Tarpon

April was an awesome month!
I have to be honest, February and March were pretty hard with Dallas traveling and working so many grueling hours.  We tend to forget throughout the year how hard things truly are without daddy during busy season.  Daxton and I kept busy and made lots of friends, but the loneliness was still there at night.  April brought Janelle, which made all things great again!

Janelle has been one of my closest friends since we started teaching together at Sunset View Elementary in Provo, Utah 2004. She's taught me so much over the past decade and I count myself insanely blessed for her friendship.  She's the best big sister in the world!

Janelle flew in on a Wednesday evening, so the first thing we did once we picked her up was take her to the beach!  We arrived at sunset and were able to play in the sand and waves a few minutes before heading home for the evening.  I'm so used to watching sunsets on the beach, but now I'm on the East coast I have to start watching sun RISES on the beach.

I love the top picture below.
It pretty much sums up our feelings of having Aunty Nellie in town!

The next day we spent the morning relaxing and talking for hours. It was fun to see Daxton immediately take to Janelle.  By the afternoon, he would only go to Janelle and constantly wanted to be held!  That little stinker knew exactly what he was doing to his mommy!

In the afternoon we drove into Fort Lauderdale to the Las Olas Riverfront.  I had taken several river cruises, but my friends had mentioned that the Water Taxi was super fun and you could hop on and off at different stops depending on what you wanted to do.  We decided to get on at the Briny Pub, since there was an easily accessible parking garage.  We couldn't resist in taking pictures with their massive shark!

Daxton was all smiles as we waited for the water taxi to pick us up along the riverfront.

Having a blast with Auntie Nellie as we waited!

Daxton LOVED riding the water taxi.  He kept saying the word "boat" over and over as he pointed out each of the gorgeous yachts along the river.

There is no surprise why Fort Lauderdale is called the "Venice of America" with all it's gorgeous canals and river ways.  Each of the stunning mansions are insanely expensive and 90% of them are vacation homes!  It's crazy to think about how much money some people have.

As we were taking the below picture, Daxton somehow took Janelle's taxi ticket and dropped it into the river.  He kept repeating "Oh No" over and over with the most distraught look on his face.  The captain was so kind and radioed to all the taxis that we were cleared to ride.  Daxton was a pretty famous little man that evening!

Getting dropped off for dinner and waving goodbye to our taxi...

Several of my friends had mentioned how yummy and fun 15th Street Fisheries was so we decided to try it out for dinner.  As we entered, Daxton immediately fell in love with the colorful koi fish swimming below the entrance bridge.  While I held his belt loops to prevent him from falling in face first, he proceeded to try and grab each fish as they swam by.

We had great seats with waterfront views looking down at the school of Tarpin fish below.  I thought the use of stacking high chairs so we could all eat at the bar height tables was pretty ingenious!  

For an appetizer we couldn't resist getting gator bites!
It was weird to think we were eating alligator, but they just tasted like chewy chicken nuggets or fried salty calamari.  Daxton ended up eating several as we waited for our food to arrive.

After our yummy dinner, we walked next door to buy frozen shrimp so we could feed the large Tarpon.  Daxton was immediately disgusted by the shrimp and refused to touch them, especially since he could see their eyes and whiskers.  I couldn't blame him!

The Tarpon fish were crazy!  There was a massive school of them right off the dock just waiting to be fed.  It reminded me of a feeding frenzy on the Discovery Channel or something!  The tarpon would see the shrimp in your hand and if you didn't drop it fast enough they would even jump out of the water to grab it!

Daxton refused to hold the shrimp, but he LOVED watching the fish go crazy.  He would giggle every time we threw shrimp at them.

I tried to get him to throw one of the shrimp in and he made the funniest grossed out face!  I'm so glad Janelle got a picture of it!  Once I threw the shrimp in the water and the fish started going crazy, Daxton once again started laughing hysterically.

After dinner and feeding the Tarpon, we caught the Water Taxi again.  We wanted to complete the loop around the canal ways before heading back, which ended up taking about 1.5 hours, but it was so worth it!  We were able to see the most gorgeous sunset, the boat was empty, Daxton was an angel, and the views were to die for!

Best buddies already!

It was the perfect ending to an amazing day!
We sure do love life in South Florida, especially with visitors!

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