Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grandpa and Grandma Perkins Visit: Miami Zoo

Our last adventure with Grandpa and Grandma Perkins was at the Miami Zoo.  We had been told that the only way to do the Miami Zoo is to rent their bikes.  The zoo itself is massive and takes forever to walk through, so with the bike it makes things a lout easier.  Plus Kristie has a lot of back pain and we wanted to help lesson that as much as possible.  There was even a fun little toddler seat in the front of the bike for Daxton to sit in which he loved.  He had the best views while we explored throughout the zoo.

Our happy family ready for a day of pedaling.

Daxton LOVED sitting out front and would reach back every so often to ring the bike bell.  He got so excited whenever he saw the next animal.  Gotta love that toddler enthusiasm!

There were so many fun things to explore and climb on.  Daxton could have spent the entire day just running up and down the paths.

Trying to touch an ostrich...

There were several tortoises right next to the fence, even a baby, which Daxton got to touch.

At one of the exhibits we found a water table explaining river systems and dams.  It took Daxton less than a minute to climb up on top and plant his bottom right in the middle of the water.  He is definitely an aqua baby!

Running after daddy...wet butt and all...

Since he was already wet, we figured there was no sense in changing his clothes to his swimsuit.  Yes, I have an extra swimsuit for him in my diaper bag at all times now that I live in Florida!  There's always an opportunity to get wet somewhere and it's always warm.

Daxton was in heaven playing in the water fountain.  He ran up and down the rows putting his face directly in the water for almost 30 minutes.  His squeal was so adorable!  Like I mentioned before, he is an aqua baby...

Such a happy guy!

He also had a ton of fun playing with grandpa on all of the playground equipment.  He especially loved the tunnel slide.

The Amazon exhibit was pretty cool, with raised wooden walking paths for most of the enclosure.  Daxton loved running up and down, chasing grandpa everywhere.  There was so much to explore everywhere you looked.

More animals to climb on...a toddler's dream!

After exploring the Amazon, we hopped back on our bike and continued to Africa, where Daxton yelled at each of the animals and practiced his animal sounds.  His favorite...the lion.

We all especially loved the Giraffe feeding encounter the Miami zoo offers.  It is high up, so you are face to face with various giraffe as they come to eat.  You can pay a couple dollars for the leaves to feed the giraffe.  I am always amazed at how LONG their tongues are!

Grandpa, Grandma, and Daxton all took turns feeding the giraffe.

It's funny to watch all the different facial expressions Daxton makes throughout this process.  He is excited and wants to feed them, but pretty freaked out by their extremely long tongues.

By far the best picture that has been captured, probably this entire year...
Nothing like getting a giraffe tongue in the ear!

In honor of our loving GG!  We sure do wish she could've come out to visit!  We love you GG!

One of the last enclosures we found were the river otters and Daxton thought they were so silly.  The otters kept wrestling and hugging each other, which Daxton couldn't get enough of.

A very patient husband to put up with all our picture taking!

I sure do love this man!
He is my best friend and everything in my life.
The reason he is so wonderful is because he was raised by such incredible people.  He has a lot of people who love him and have taught him what it means to be a kind, loving, and supportive husband and father.  I count myself the luckiest because we found each other and somehow convinced him I was worth marrying.
Love you, sweetheart

It was such a great few days with Grandpa and Grandma Perkins in town.  We wish it could have been longer, but we will take what we can get.  We sure do love and miss them.  That's the hardest thing about living in South Florida...the distance from family.  
Thanks again, Grandpa and Grandma, for making the long trek out to visit!  We love you both so much and can't wait til we get to see you again.  Daxton is missing his buddy!

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