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Norwegian Getaway Cruise

Dallas' job is extremely demanding and stressful, but every so often we get to enjoy some of the benefits that come from working with a massive firm like PWC.  At the beginning of February, Dallas called from work and asked if I thought we could find an overnight babysitter for the upcoming weekend.  As part of the firm's ongoing charity opportunities, they had purchased a few cabins aboard the Norwegian Getaway for it's Christening Weekend celebration with all proceeds going to the "Make a Wish Foundation."  I told him I would try to find someone to watch Daxton, but to not get his hopes up.  Luckily, I've been blessed with the best set of visiting teachers ever, so finding a babysitter turned out to be quite easy.  My friend, Britney, and her husband, Jared, were more than willing to watch Daxton for our impromptu getaway vacation.

Since this was the Norwegian Getaway's maiden voyage, the entire event was quite the party.  Guests were asked to explore the ship, enjoy the great food, and relax with all the endless amenities.  The ship was pretty incredible and had four large water slides and several pools on the top deck.

(Below pictures on the left were taken from the internet.) 

Along with all of the pools on the top deck, there were also several private spa areas for the first class, a couple large auditoriums for the different shows, and several different restaurants and bars spread throughout the ship.  One of my favorite things was the outside promenade on deck 3 or 4.  They did a great job at creating a "boardwalk" atmosphere with shops, bars, and restaurants available to check out.  
(Below pictures were taken from the internet.)

Unique to the Norwegian Getaway was their "ice bar."
The temperatures were obviously very cold, so guests were outfitted in large heavy parkas and then only allowed to stay in 30 minute increments.  Dallas and I don't drink, so we never entered, but a few of Dallas' coworkers got in and said it was pretty awesome.

Walking up the tunnel to get on the ship, the famous towel animals, and our room for the night...

Once we got things settled in our room, we went exploring.  The main common area extended three floors with several restaurants, casinos, shops, and bars scattered throughout.  I have to admit that I missed the wholesome-fun atmosphere from Disney cruise lines.  I'm not a fan of the casinos and smoke.  Luckily there were designated smoking areas and the smell wasn't too strong.  It was still a fun time, just focused towards adults instead of children.

I loved the spiral chandelier which matched the glass spiral staircase along the perimeter of the room.

The cruise itself was only one night, so the ship spent most of the day docked in Miami.  We were supposed to be boarded by noon, so it was funny to walk around a few hours later and still be in the Miami port.  

Can't complain about that view though!
Gotta love the beauty of Miami!
(Views looking toward South Beach)

Views looking back toward Miami
Talk about some seriously expensive homes!

Along with the water slides and pools, the Norwegian Getaway also had a huge basketball court, mini golf course, rock climbing wall, and an awesome ropes course.

While we were out exploring we decided to play a quick round of mini golf.  The golf course was pirate themed, but what was funny was trying to play golf while standing on a rocking cruise boat!  Needless to say it was very entertaining.

More views of Miami, the setting sun, and other cruise boats leaving the port...

My favorite place on the ship was the back promenade with the stunning views of Miami.  On a side note, I've become a HUGE fan of sundresses while living in South Florida.  They are much cooler and more comfortable than shorts or capris.  I've also come to really love the heat and humidity...I know, I'm a bit crazy!

Windows looking straight down to the ocean...

We loved the unlimited drinks offered.  They made some seriously yummy fruit smoothies!  Mostly it was just fun to see Dallas in a relaxed environment again.  I really miss his goofy side, which tends to be pushed away during busy season.  He holds such stress and responsibility, I can't even imagine that level of pressure.  But I'm so grateful for his love and support, and belief in the importance of having a stay-at-home mommy for our little guy.  Few people get that luxury these days. 

For dinner we met up with Dallas's friends/coworkers for an extremely yummy Brazilian BBQ dinner.  It reminded me of Tucanos in Utah, where platter after platter of amazingly cooked meat is placed before you and you can choose what meats, fruit, etc you'd like to eat.  By the time dinner was finished, we all basically had to roll ourselves out of the restaurant. 

Earlier that day, Pitbul had performed for the official Christening ceremony.  It was true Miami form for sure!  At 9pm the ship left the Miami port for the open waters of the Atlantic.  This brought on another fun outdoor party, this time with laser lights, glow sticks, loud club beats, and crazy dancing.

The ship had several laser lights which were pretty cool, but what was super funny was that when we were leaving and passed through the entrance to South Beach, there were several apartments that had their own laser lights as well.  I swear, only in South Beach!  

The whole crazy gang
The night made me feel like a teenager again!

Nothing like obnoxious dancing and glow sticks to make you feel young again!

In true nightclub fashion, there were scantily clad girls dancing on the sides of the stage.  I loved the sparkling lights in their costumes, though, and was a fan of the smoke gun.

As we pulled out of the port, there was an incredible fireworks display that went perfectly with all the crazy music, lights, and dancing.  I've always loved a good party!

Looking back at Miami as we were leaving the port...

After the dance party, Dallas and I went to the 10pm showing of "Legally Blonde," the Broadway version.  They did a really great job, great voices, sets, and costumes.  Dallas was pretty exhausted by this point, due to his insane busy season, but was a sweetheart and sat through the entire 1.5 hour production with only a few complaints.  After it was over, we took our time walking along the upper deck, enjoying the moonlight, and of course...having a couple helpings of soft serve chocolate ice cream!

The view from our bedroom balcony...

In the morning we had to debark by 9am, so it was a quick breakfast and then on our way.  It was such a fun getaway, although much too short.  Daxton did great with our friends and we got a much needed vacay with just the two of us!
Thanks again, PWC!

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