Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grandpa and Grandma Perkins Visit: Hanging at Home

It was a very hard decision this year, when we chose to not travel home for the holidays.  So when Dallas' parents called to let us know that they wanted to come out for a quick visit at the end of January, we were super excited!  Dallas adores his father and it's always so much fun to see his face light up when they're together again.  But even more than that, Dallas adores watching his daddy interact with his son.  It took Daxton about a minute to become besties again with Grandpa Perkins.  They were running through the house, wrestling, playing soccer, doing strange yoga moves, and wearing pants on top of their heads, all while Daxton giggle uncontrollably.  It was pretty much amazing to watch!

He thought he was especially funny, when he sat behind grandpa and started to run his toes through grandpa's hair!

We decided to save all our Christmas presents they sent and open them when they were in town.  Daxton was more than ecstatic to open additional presents and I loved the excuse to keep up our Christmas tree a few days longer.  I'm sure grandma and grandpa Perkins liked watching his reactions to each of the presents.

GG (great grandma Marline) sent us a very generous check to spend on Daxton for Christmas, so we saved those gifts as well.  He had a blast with all his new toys!

By far, the best gift he got (and still plays with on a daily basis today) was the truck from grandma and grandpa Perkins.  He takes it everywhere and even sits in it sometimes while he watches his shows.  It was the perfect gift for our little man!
Thanks again grandpa and grandma!

While Dallas' parents were in town, one of the nights we were able to sneak away for a date night.  Dallas' work had a belated holiday party down at the American Airlines Arena in Miami where the Miami Heat play.  It was pretty cool to be down on the basketball court and dance like a crazy highschooler again.  It made me feel young :)
We were also able to take our pictures with the championship trophy, although we were not allowed to touch it.  In fact they had a guard who's entire job was to make sure no one laid a finger on it!  We had a great night hanging out with Dallas' coworkers, eating great food, and enjoying the beauty of Miami.

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